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Login, Login, Login.......Why!

  1. I've been to my blog website numerous times today without problems. This evening when I rebooted my computer and came to my blog, I had to login. Typically, I can access my blog without doing that but, okay, I logged in. Now every time I switch between the dashboard and the blog view or go to the manage posts pages, I get a privacy notice that there are unsecure items on the page and do I wish to continue....every freaking time I change the page I have to deal with this message. I've not changed any computer settings. I'm reading where some people have had log in problems today but no one has mentioned this annoying security message. Is this a problem with the site?

  2. I am getting the same very irritating security message. Very, very annoying.

  3. and this security message just started today and is only happening with my blog. I have a blog via, no problems there. I have not updated or changed my browser. I do not think it is related to my browser.

  4. The admin backend and your login cookies are now delivered over SSL for added security. If you are seeing messages that simply say you are transitioning from a secure page to an insecure one, we cannot eliminate that. Some browsers allow you to turn this off.

    If you are getting a warning saying there are some insecure items on a secure page, that is something we need to fix. I don't get such warnings, but some browsers and some browser settings may be forcing a stricter check. I think we may have some images being pulled over the insecure link. We'll track that down.

  5. If you are using IE, you can try turning off the "Display Mixed Content" option.

  6. The warning saying "there are some insecure items on a secure page". I did what you said and turned off the prompt.. but have to wonder why this started happening here, and only here today.

  7. I am getting the same non-secure box that pops up and this is fine by problem is about the stat's. Where it used to come up with a graph, it is now coming up with an orange box with the text:
    Loading</wp-admin/stats-data.php> timed out (-1)

    Does anyone know anything about this?

  8. I think mine just minutes ago said if I proceed, a third party can read it.

  9. sistersthree, it started because we enabled SSL here at Your admin pages are now delivered over a secure connection because we love you and want to keep your data safe. :-) To have the same thing with a powered site you must install and enable a plugin. I use this plugin on my sites. It is especially useful when you are administering your blog from a coffee shop or cafe over an open wireless network. With your admin pages encrypted, others can't peek at your authorization cookies or what you are doing.

    erinjulian, your stats load fine for me at the moment. Are you still having problems, or was it temporary?

  10. nosysnoop, the only parts delivered insecurely are a few images. We'll take care of those so that the annoying warnings go away. Your admin pages are far more secure from third parties now.

  11. Hi Ryan,

    I am still trying to access my stats, but the problem is still there...I get all of the Referrers, Top Posts and Search Engine Terms but the actual graph is still timing out.

    I have tried to log in & out again, but still no luck...thanks for your help on this.

  12. I am also having problems with my graph timing out. It won't load no matter what I do.

  13. Its fixed now, thank you very much!

  14. You guys are the best. Problem resolved. Thank you for your prompt response to my "rant". I appreciate it.

  15. Ah, so that's why all my cookies expired and I had to go hunting for my password. Thank heaven for Gmail.

    For future reference, a post to the news blog when you're doing potentially disruptive stuff like this would be much appreciated. I appreciate the security concerns, but it's still pretty annoying. I have had to login four times already this afternoon.

  16. I seem to be logged in to ok - it welcomes me back and gives me a list of my blogs. When I click on ictatbrj it takes to me to the blog without any problem. However, when I click on My Dashboard, it prompts me to log in once more and when I click on the login button it simply prompts me to log in again. Help!

  17. I'm all good now...thanks again to everyone that worked on this!

  18. I'm still having trouble with my login. Each time I load my blog, I have to login in order to access my dashboard when in the past I didn't have to. I'm also having trouble revising posts in non-HTML mode sometimes once I've entered my dashboard.

  19. I'm having log in problems as well. I have to log in multiple times as I move from one page to the next. I always start at my dashboard page. When I click on "View Site" I am no longer logged in. What can I do here?

  20. One more problem I'm having - when I do manage to write a post, the preview no longer works. It says not found. I have cleared my cookies but it is still an issue. Help!

  21. I cannot access the graph either. I get a nonsense graph with two bars per year, 2004 2005 and 2006. How do I get back the nice graph showing accesses per day ? Email me at [email redacted] thanks!

  22. I'm still getting the irritating security warning for any post where I include an image. It's photobucket; it's pretty safe. Can we not override this or something? I am getting it every time I put an image in, every time I go to the Write page, every time I go away from the Write's really, really tedious.

  23. Okay, I changed it. But wow, that was really annoying for a few days. A heads-up would have saved a great deal of irritation.

    Now, about those stats...

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