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Login now has two different ID's

  1. I am currently able to log in fine to my blogs. No problem there.

    Today I visited a friend's blog, and when I tried to add a comment there I was asked to log in via WordPress. But my usual ID/password was not accepted. So after several attempts, out of frustration I clicked "Lost your password?". A few minutes later a message arrives in my email box, to enable me to reset my password.

    BUT - this message shows a different ID (let's say my usual ID is "mickf", and this message shows "mickfraser123"). Why would a message come to MY mailbox with a different ID?

    Anyway, I click the Reset Password link in the message, which takes me to a log-in page showing this new ID. I re-enter my usual password and it is accepted.

    So the situation now is that I can still login to my blogs in the old way. But to log in via WordPress from my friend's blog, or directly from, I have to use this new ID plus my old password.

    How can I kill off "mickfraser123" and reinstate "mickf" for ALL my WordPress activities?

    Thanks for any advice (the WP suppport team is away till August 15).

  2. Well, you might have two different accounts here, but I don't seem much of a connection between the two.

    Do you have maybe a self-hosted WordPress(.org) blog that uses mickf? If so, that would explain why you can't login with that here, as and are entirely separate:

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