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Login Problem

  1. Hi,

    every now and then, I just can't manage my site or write any post, since I do not get further than the dashboard. It seems as if I am logged in, since I am able to access the dashboard, but as soon as I click on manage or write or anything else, I get back to the login page.

    All the login problems I read about in this forum are unresolved... I cleared cookies and cache.

    thanks for help.

  2. My money is on something with that firewall you're sitting behind not passing cookies correctly.

    Your login is cookie based. If you're going back to the login screen, then somehow you're losing the cookie or you're having a problem with going back and forth between a secure site and an unsecure site.

  3. Thank you, I will try this. My fire wall is Zone Alarm Pro. I will try to find out what it is. Any idea? Thanks again!

  4. I'm having the same problem, and all I have is the Windows firewall. Is anyone having any luck?

  5. Would help us help you if you gave us (a lot) more information about your setup, settings, etc. We're not mind readers around here. :)

  6. That makes sense, although I'm not the most knowledgeable on what you may be looking for. As far as I know my setup/settings are on the default settings for IE. I haven't changed my cookies, and have verified that it's set to use them (or however it's worded). My problem is that I will be able to click different links within the dashboard. I'll even begin to write a post, yet when I click "save", it takes me back to login and I lose all my work (thus I've begun backing it up on Word). I don't get why it doesn't ask me to login until I am writing a post - the most frustrating time. Let me know if you need more information still. Thanks.

  7. Just a suggestion but I believe (and I could be wrong) that this is the basic information one might choose to provide to receive assistance from drmike.
    I am on high speed service or I am on dial up service
    I have a router yes or no
    My operating system is called
    I have a firewall yes or no (be specific)
    My browser is - IE - and which version would that be please?
    I first noticed this problem on -
    This problem only occurs when -
    The theme I'm using is -

  8. I'm on DSL and using a router. I'm using Windows XP, with the Windows firewall. I'm
    using IE 6 and noticed this problem about 2 weeks ago (sorry, not sure of the exact
    day). The problem (I have to re-log-in) occurs at random times, but most often when I hit "save" after writing a post. The theme I'm using is "contempt 1.0".

  9. Deleted the "Get a different browser" spam.

    Jordan, I ask again for specifics.

  10. Sorry for my ignorance. What other specifics? Time and day? How many succesful links I've clicked without being logged out before it asks me to log in again? Thanks again.

    P.S. Will it matter what browser I'm using?

  11. Specifics:

    What DLS provider?
    What router?
    What version of Windows XP?
    Which version of IE 6?

  12. If all of that matters, then this is too complicated. Plus, I don't feel comfortable giving out all of that information on a public forum. I've been using Firefox (downloaded the newest one) and the problem seems to have gone away. Thanks for time.

  13. I'm glad you problem is solved but I am also scratching my head in constrenation. I don't see how providing the information required to help you could be considered to be "too complicated". Moreover, your feelings of discomfort appear to be founded on confusion. There is nothing contained in the information that you were asked to provide that could possibly compromise your security so there's nothing accomplished by withholding it.

  14. Hello:
    I have the same problem.
    My browser is yhe last version of Mozilla Firefox.
    I dont have firewall.
    My DSL provider is Telefonica EspaƱa
    I have Windows XP Sp2 with the las update
    Can I help me? Thks.

  15. I'm unable to login since past 30 minutes. I don't get any "wrong username/password", just the login page comes back.

  16. I'm also unable to login since about 30 minutes. Same as thef1blog above.

  17. i also cannot log in for the past hour. all i get is the login page again and again. surprisingly i can log into this.

  18. Sorry! We have a problem and we are trying to find it right now.

  19. psychomotricite

    i also cannot log in for the past hour. all i get is the login page again and again. surprisingly i can log into this.

    what's the problem?


  20. This should be fixed.

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