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Login Problem

  1. Okay, so I log in on the main site ( and it goes fine. But then, it takes me to another loging page with nothing on it but a blue square with a "W" on it, and a place to enter my username and password. So, I do it. But everytime I do it, it says my password is wrong. I KNOW it's not wrong 'cause I get through the first login, and I know that I am not having a problem with my cookies. What's up?

  2. BUMP


  3. Oh dear I didn't even see this post before, sorry. Send in a feedback or an email to support at wordpress dot com.

  4. Okay, I E-Mailed but I'm also BUMPing this.

  5. Bumping this thread will not do any good. There's nothing that the volunteers can do to help with your problem

    You sent the email to [email redacted] I assume? I would suggest that you be patient and wait for Mark to get back to you.

  6. Please don't bump. It's unacceptable and rude.

    I see that you've made posts since teh date and time of these posts here. I'm assuming that the issue has been resolved. If not, we need to know your browser and version plus it's security settings. Also if you're coming through and sort of proxy.

    The other suggestion right off is to check to see if your Caps Lock button is off.


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