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    I am on holidays and therefore doing my updates on the website from another computer. I don’t know how this one has been created and I am confused.
    My login details are admin2399 and the address linked to it is normally (email redacted) My website is for the company called Les Fées d’Avalon which is a service for Transpersonal HYpnotherapy practice and training. I lost my password because it’s usually memorised on the other device I use. Now. I am having a real trouble to connect to my website to bring any update I need to do.
    The admin2399 is recognised but the address (email redacted) isn’t. I don’t understand why and have no other way to access the support team. That’s really annoying and odd.

    I have asked for the password to be sent to me again to (email redacted), and it says it’s sending me an email to reset my password, but I have tried many times and I don’t receive anything in there. Or more precisely, I have a received on several occasion an email to reset my password onto a page that is not secure and won’t work.

    Please, please, please help! It’s urgent!
    Many thanks and kind regards,

    Sophie Gruzelle

    The blog I need help with is sofizel.wordpress.com.




    It appears that your website (https://sofizel.com) uses the self-hosted version of WordPress rather than WordPress.com, which is what this forum is designed to help with. Note the difference here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    You may be able to find help here: https://wordpress.org/support/ or alternatively contact your hosting provider.

    Hope this gets fixed soon!

    Note: I did some research to get to https://sofizel.com. Let me know if that is not the website you are referring to.


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