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login problems

  1. Hi,

    I can't login to my blog. I can log in to and it welcomes me with my username but when I try to login to my blog it tells me the username in incorrect.

    I have tried mailing support but no luck or response so far. Any ideas on what I can do? I really need to get on there.



  2. This support forum features your fellow bloggers who voluntarily answer questions posted here. No volunteers have backend access to blogs - only staff do.

    We provide support only for hosted bloggers. Your blog does not appear to be a hosted blog, unless you removed the blue top navigation bar against staff/admin wishes.

    In any event, volunteers cannot help you, even if you do have a blog - only staff can.

  3. /nod to TT

    For more information:
    Read Me First

  4. I can't seem to get through to a staffer though. Can you tell me where I can do that?


  5. That's not a blog, so the staff here won't be answering you. Try the link that Judy gave you to find a solution for your independently-hosted blog.

    The login for your blog and for are different. They look the same, but they're not; one is on servers and the other is on your own server. Be sure you're signing in to your own blog, not, where that blog doesn't exist. You'll never find it if you sign in to and try to go from there. Go to your blog and sign in from that point. I'm not sure what the exact link is, but you can try and see if that lets you sign in.

    I recommend you install the meta widget in your sidebar so you can sign in with one click. It's easier.

  6. Something odd happened yesterday and I can't login using Internet Explorer anymore. The login page loads fine but it's no longer interactive. I can click whatever I want but nothing happens. I tried the clear cookies and caches, still nothing. I am not a computer genius so please help with simple answers.

  7. there are others reporting this issue here:

  8. hmm, not sure what you guys did but everything has returned to normal. Thank you so much for sparing me a non computer users melt down. You guys amaze me.

  9. @sweetlybroken
    I'm glad to here that this is resolved for you.
    Our staff rock! And so do judy and raincoaster. :)

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