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Login required at every stage

  1. I am a bit confused. I login to wordpress fine. Then each time I change between the various tools on my dashbord eg posts, presentation, I am asked for my username and password again.

    How can I resolve this?

  2. It sounds like cookies are not being allowed by your system.
    Can you check they are?

  3. *knock* *knock*

    Hello? :)

    They haven't posted since then. I'm guess that they're still having an issue.

  4. I have this problem as well. I've added to my allowed cookie list in IE and McAfee, and I've still got the problem. Any other suggestions?

    Win XP Prof
    IE 7
    DSL: (in the UK)
    Wireless router (BT Hub)
    McAfee security
    Let me know what other info is needed.

  5. Well, I just discovered that IE7 doesn't allow one to look at the cookies that one has in place so I can't check. *grumble*

    Going into file manager shows that it should be so that should be right.

    What is your current security level? Something's strange if it's allowing you here into the forums but not into your blog.

  6. I've got it set on "Medium-High". It will let me login but I just have to do it every time I try to do anything. Sometimes I'll login and by the time I try to post something, I've got to login again after I hit publish. But then it erases the post.

  7. Strange as I'm on Medium High as well and I just posted a test post on my test blog.


    Doing the modlook thingie to see if Mark has any ideas.

  8. I'm having this same problem today, and I haven't changed any settings since yesterday, when I (as always) blogged obsessively, all day long. Dunno what would have changed between now and then.

  9. Still having the problem. I can find the cookie on in my Temporary Internet Files for my blog. Anything that I can look at inside the cookie to see what the issue is?

  10. BC - are you using IE or Firefox?

    Either way, clear your cookies and the history in the application.



  11. IE, Tried that several times, but no luck. It seems to do ok if I am just working on my blog, but if I go other places on the internet and then come back, then I have to continually re-login. ???

  12. I'm at a loss myself as I stay logged in when I go elsewhere and come back. I can't dupe this.

  13. Did you try and add onto the "Always Allow" list in IE? Tools > Options > 'Privacy' tab > 'Sites' button > 'Address of Website' field > Enter '' > click on Allow.

  14. Okay, this may be a really stupid question but bear with me:

    When you log in, do you tick the "remember me on this computer" box?

  15. All that does is pre fill in the form for you.

  16. Yes, but if you don't click it, when you leave you have to log in again.

  17. I'm having this same problem. It just started yesterday. If I close the browser window, I have to re-login to access my dashboard. It's messing up my traffic because I reply to comments by clicking on the link in the email notification...since I'm not logged in when I do that it counts it as a new visit. I changed my security settings to low and it didn't help. I added to the list of accepted sites. I cleared my cookies and history and tried again. Still isn't keeping me logged in.

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