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Login takes me to a weird place....

  1. Hey guys

    My knowledge of WordPress is pretty limited and I'm having a huge problem which is really making me want to cry!! Basically when I try and login to my dashboard it takes me to a white page. Eg this page is white

    The website is

    All I know is we have a theme on my website which was purchased and I have purchased a domain name.

    The website has been working fine and I have previously logged into the dashboard before but it seems I have no access at all. I have tried to read the forums and I am baffled by the terminology. I hear the words FTP in most places but no idea what this means. Haha sorry.

    Anyway if it's a simple solution I would appreciate some advice or if it requires someone I need to pay to fix this in the uk then please get in touch as it is a big issue

    Thanks guys

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid you're in the wrong forum. You need to be at WordPress.ORG. Our WordPress.COM blogs work differently and we won't be able to help you.

    I suggest, though, that you try the Cookie Dance:

  3. Thanks man. Will head over there

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