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Logo Customization

  1. Brand new to WordPress from Blogger and LOVE it. I certainly don't want to mess with HTML or bother hosting my own blog, but I would LOVE to make the masthead distinctive. Add a logo or a photo.

    I know that complicates things and I hear WordPress considering it. Just want to put in a strong vote for it. The templates are extremely flexible from a functionality perspective, but it would be so nice to put a distinctive look/feel- even if it's simply a banner that we upload just like a photo and that stays on everypage in lieu of the generic title.

  2. Just discovered this post when I traced the tags I associated with my question:

    Everytime this question comes up, the moderators answer it in the negative, but you actually do have some customizing options with the theme Regulus - you can insert your own header image, for example. And, of course, there's always the "img src" trick for a text widget in the sidebar.

    The downside is that Regulus is very specific about the header image size; has to be 700 x 140 (something like that, the specs are under the "This Theme's Options" tab in Presentation. Good luck!

  3. Those of us that use Regulus love this feature along with the color customization. Welcome, Nalts.

  4. the moderators answer it in the negative

    That's because in the past, it was true. The change in Regulus only occured within the last month or so. Currently that is still the only theme that can be modified as such with the exception for some hard coded color changes in a few of the other themes.

    Hope this helps,

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