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    I am wondering if I can put my logo on the side of each post…like right before the title? Also, I did the header the size that it recommends and it’s not showing all of it. I’m confused

    The blog I need help with is rachellechaseblog.wordpress.com.



    Hi there, the recommended header size in Illustratr is 1100 × 250px, but your image is 2560 x 640px.

    I see quite a few theme switches over the last day or so, so I’m not sure which theme was showing a discrepancy – could you confirm?

    I’ll have a look at your other question separately.



    I am wondering if I can put my logo on the
    side of each post…like right before the title?

    It would certainly be possible to do this with some custom CSS.

    The first thing to do is to resize your image in a graphics program to the size that you want it to appear at, next to your post titles. When that’s ready, post over in the CSS Customization forum and provide a link to the small version of your logo, and the folks over there will help you out with the necessary code.



    thank you. I originally chose the gateway theme and used the suggested header size of 2560 × 640 pixels. It only showed part of the header. I just went back to gateway because that’s the one I really wanted, I just thought maybe another theme would allow me to have the header looking the way i wanted.



    Ah, I think I see what’s going on. The reason Gateway recommends a tall header like that is so that you can add a logo and a call to action – or other text – in it, like you see on the demo:


    A few ideas:

    – You might want to pull out the words in your header and put them on a transparent logo image that you overlay (as a site logo) over your custom header. That way, the words won’t be cut off at small sizes.

    – If you want a tall header like you see on the demo, you’ll need to set your front page to a static page (instead of your latest posts) and apply the Homepage template, as explained in the setup guide. After doing that, you can go into the Customizer’s Theme Options > Front Page area, and add a call to action or other info.

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