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Logout on Password Protected posts/pages

  1. Is there a way that, when a user has logged in to a password protected post or page, there can be an option for them to log out or failing that a way to reduce the time until the cookie expires? 10 days seems a bit excessive!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know anyone who coes tnot have their browser cache and cookies set up to me cleared whenever they log-off the internet. That's the may mine are set up.

  3. Thanks for that, but I'm not sure that expecting users to have altered their browser defaults is much of a security policy!

    There really ought to be a way to either log out or reduce the length of a session.

  4. They can delete the cookie at anytime they wish. However,as you wish to suggest this to Staff I will have this thread moved to the Ideas Forum for you.

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