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long article, many photos

  1. Im such a newbie, but I hope to publish a story - a travelogue of a sailing trip through the Greek islands - with many photos, I'd say about 50 pages total text and maybe 100 photos - maybe on WordPress, I guess as a static page, or a a website. I want to place the photos exactly in the text so the reader can just look at the relevant photo as she or he reads the context -- so my short question - is WordPress adequate for this (simple) need? Am I on the right track? Seems uploaded photos go to the end of the text previously uploaded; maybe a certain theme is best for me ? .... thanks... anyone?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes you can do that - HOWEVER - I would strongly urge you to break up your trip into smaller bite sized pieces to help your viewers - use Posts - break by day / leg / town or whatever makes sense - long Posts tend to put viewers off and makes it hard to read and what happens if your viewers don't have 50 pages of time the first time they visit.

  3. You can place images in the text and wrap text around images. Please see here >

    There are ways to split content. I think you may want to use "next page" (pagination). See here >

  4. Thanks, both good comments; Yes - my needs are not for a journal-type approach so will need to maximize static featres and build architecture around the page

  5. I would suggest quite the opposite.

    Use posts, but reverse the order of posting. That will also maximize your appeal to search engines.

  6. Hmm, and this project IS turning out rather like a book.... appreciate your comment

  7. Hmmm ... I think raincoaster is right. The book format looks like a good choice.

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