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  1. WordPress, you know I love you. And I deeply feel that you support me. But I write VERY LARGE blog-posts, like many thousands of words, and your new autosave now makes it so I have to massage my posts TOO much. Last year it was bearable. But this year it's impossible. I can't write a long post here, on WordPress.

    This saddens me. Because I can't write shorter. And you must do what is most efficient. WordPress: we're breaking up, yo. It's sad, right. I'd like to stay with you. You've always been really good to me. I'd stay if I could. I write 3,000 word posts.

    There's no room for me here.

    Thank you so much, you're a great blogging platform.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What are you smoking?

  3. Dude, WHAT?! Give me a break. I write very long posts, 3,000 - 4,000 words. These are now pretty much impossible to edit on WP now, though I love WP.

  4. quite a tl;dr blog.

  5. Perhaps you could split the posts into parts

  6. @pillock
    Appreantly you did not know how to use the support documentation and search for splitting content. There are several means of doing that.

    Did you know you could split a post/page up into different web pages so that is has pagination? All you have to do is type: <!--nextpage--> into the HTML editor where you would like your page breaks to appear.

  7. edit: Appreantly was meant to be Apparently

  8. I would recommend using an offline blog editor, like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer, so you ALWAYS have a copy of your blog offline.

  9. crickethighlights123

    how to get an offline editor where to get this type of editor

  10. Thank you people very much for your interest and helpfulness. In the end, what I did was to install NoScript, deny wordpress, compose in html, turn wordpress back on, and post. It saves about ten minutes of mucking about, and thirty years of therapy. I really do thank you all for your willingness to help a guy who was pretty obviously just about on the edge of his mind with frustration. I do love WP and will be sticking with it, and a good day to each and every one of you. Thanks again.

  11. You're welcome. Best wishes with your blog.

  12. @ timetheif thanks for helping but please tell me how to write long blogs on the our own blog post . Without losting them .

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