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Long formulas are with a border

  1. Look at this post:

    Some of my LaTeX formulas are very long. I noticed that these formulas are displayed with a dark border at the top and left sides of a formula.

    This is not very bad but indeed looks like a bug in WordPress.

    Please consider to remove these borders.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. christophertravels

    I dont see the issue with the border

  3. I'm not seeing that in FF or in Safari or in Opera, or in SeaMonkey. What browser are you using?

  4. Firefox 3.0.14 on Linux

  5. Try viewing things from a different computer if you can. It might be a video card/driver issue, or perhaps that and FF not getting along. Have you tried a different browser such as Opera?

    I'm not sure on Linux, but with Windows and Mac, the latest version of Firefox is 3.5.3.

  6. I tried Opera on Linux. On Opera there are no this superfluous borders.

    I'm sure this is not video driver issue. My video seems functioning correctly.

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