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Long list of unused blog names

  1. All my bads. Many blog names registered w/ many emails, passwords, profiles etc. Too many mistakes, can't register, reregister or clean up and start all over w/ confused profile information over many years. Lost or forgotten profile info, some of mine are in use by ME.
    Blog titles include:, tinywits, mortecome, zelligg, mytheology, twrlee all @wordpress. What emails are associated I don't know, some problems w/ gmail being duplicated by another, Google publishing personal info, my changing accounts with them or being wrongfully deleted, spammed into unusable etc over many years. How can I just start all over with the title I tried to set up today ( not as twrlee but with another pseudonym completely? I'll set up a new gmail account or intro one at Hotmail or AIM or whatever to start clean with the name I will use forevermore (versus) Can you direct me? Set me on the clean and sober path to being a real WP blogger even tho' I don't get how to have a domain vs a blog and can't even find "store" to click on.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, it's easy.

    Log out of Walk away and forget you ever had that username.

    Get another email, a free one like gmail or whatever. Use that to start a brand new account with whatever name you want and make a new blog. Never log into the first account again. Problem solved.

  3. Now this makes perfect sense, doesn't it? And the sense is made in language geared to my understanding, sans jargon, fluid, available, a touch of whimsy and the underlayment of human concern. Thank you beyond all my personal universe of confoundation! This will be archived and updated as progress is made. You are a fine teacher and much appreciated in real time I'm sure.

  4. You're welcome!

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