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Long posts

  1. noreligionblog

    When some people write articles for their blogs that are excessively long it throws the tag surfer for a loop and what happens is the page start partial scrolling at that point. Can either the long posts be rejected until they use a more tag, can WordPress recode the tag surfer to insert a more tag into a multi page post or just outright reject them. it seems some people are writing multi page posts for the specific intent of monopolizing tag surfer. When an excessively long post appears on tag surfer, truth be told it's use is ruined since no posts below are readable.

  2. This isn't a technical support question. I have flagged it so our Moderators will move it to the Ideas Forum.

  3. Thread moved!

  4. TX :)

  5. The OP isn't writing about Tags per se, but the "Tag Surfer" in the Dashboard, which is about as popular as the "Blog Surfer", I'd think.

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