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Long posts' addresses

  1. I write in Russian using Cyrillic alphabet. The address of any post in my blog is very long including dozens of "%" and other signs totally unrelated to either Cyrillic or Latin letters. If I wanted to insert a link to one of my posts (which I often want to) in my other posts I shun doing it because the result will look like five lines of strange signs instead of letters.

    I saw that some Russian bloggers here manage (I don't know how) to name posts in Russian but have Latin transliterated or translated names of their posts in post address.

    Is there any way I can have simplified and less strange addresses of my posts? Or can WP make links to posts look simpler by assigning numbers (a small string), or a combination of some letters and figures (not very long)?

  2. My guess is that they are using a "standard" URL tag in the post so that rather than see the link address they see something like "click here".

    This can be done using the "link" button above the write post window in either editor.


  3. Well, once I inserted a link to my previous post (without showing the whole address in the new post, just through sort of "click here" hyperlink). The result was I had my old post mentioned in the "Recent comments" as if I commented my old post, not just gave a link to it.
    Besides, sometimes you may want to write the address. Again (as far as I know) in LiveJournal post addresses are quite compact in comparison to WP. In WP the address includes the full title of the post. Since my posts are in Russian, the address renders Cyrillic letters as signs.

  4. In order to stop pinging your earlier post when you reference it in a later post, don't use the entire URI but only what appears *after* "" in your link.

    You can also edit the post "slug" to something shorter, but be warned to do this *before* you hit the Publish button on your post, otherwise it will lead to 404 errors.

  5. Well, gives the reason why there is a long post slug - using non-western characters. But it doesn't say how to change that still writing posts (including headers) in non-western languages. Some bloggers write in Russian but give English titles to their posts, but this is out of the question in my case, as it would look silly and my blog is not for computer people or foreigners in the first place.

  6. You can also edit the post "slug" to something shorter, but be warned to do this *before* you hit the Publish button on your post, otherwise it will lead to 404 errors.

    On the Write Post screen look in the sidebar to the right. One of the Headers there is called "Post Slug". Open the plus mark. Put in the short form of your Post's title, you don't even have to call it the same thing as your Post's title. When you Publish your Post, the Post Slug will be whatever you've entered in the "Post Slug".


  7. Thanks. I use Windows Live Writer which is now in Russian interface (and doesn't allow me to switch to English to check), but I suppose that "Short Title" (English translation of what is there) in the taskbar below the post field is what corresponds to "Post Slug".

  8. hello andy,

    best bet would be not to worry at all about long internationalized URLs (IRIs) of your posts and leave them as they are.

    please see properly.

    also, even encoded IRIs are much better for the search engines than totally meaningless for them numeric or yet transliterated / Транслитера́ция* post slugs.

    *) notice there's a fairly long URI which, however, does not prevent from providing a pretty much readable linking text.

  9. Thanks, options. But I've already edited all the previous posts so that they have a numeric slug. It corresponds to the post ID (although some IDs were missing) and from now on it will be just the next number for the next slug. Your comment about long encoded IRIs being better for search engines makes me now wonder if I did wrong but going back and changing everything again would be impossible because of time and effort.

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