Longer posts not fully displaying? Editting doesn’t retreive entire post?

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    I was looking through some of my older posts and I noticed that the longer ones are just getting cut-off.

    I’ve also noticed this when trying to edit a post, that sometimes (this started happening today) the entire text does not load. When I’ve had the problem with editting, I was able to fix it by reloading without saving.

    Here are some of the buggy posts. To my knowledge I haven’t done anything to edit these posts that may have caused them to be incompletely saved. Maybe an admin could look at the DB? I’ll post feedback.





    IMO these ought to go to sysadmin via feedback rather than to the forum. So would you like to do that and then mark this thread accordingly. TX



    I noticed something like that only once. I think I saved a post and it just cut off at some point. I can’t remember when or what post it was.

    BTW, if you ever come across a bug or a major problem, it’s best to send a feedback message first.



    I wonder if it is an issue with the database not displaying the post or if it is an issue with editting existing posts?

    I’ve noticed several times that when I go to edit an old post it doesn’t completely autofill the existing post text. Refreshing the editor can fix this.

    I can remember specifically what happened, but I’m thinking more and more that I may have editted the posts, hit the editor bug, and then saved it with the text chopped off.

    (feedback sent a while ago, just idly speculating)



    The idle speculation may be useful when staff tries to dupe the bug and slay it, or not. But it’s not of much use here is it?



    tt: what exactly is the problem with discussing bugs in the support forum?

    If someone hits the bug and searches the forums on it, at least they’ll find SOMEONE talking about it.



    Agreed but there’s little that we can do here to assist you since this is a backend issue.



    Yes, but I’m also tracking this in feedback and posting links to this thread.

    When the issue is fixed I was going to mark this resolved.

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