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Longevity, Mortality & Endurance - Health Benefits

  1. Hi

    I just want to announce my blog here, I had my a previous post just about the idea of the blog and what people thought. So now I'm making this with a short description of the blog. (I can delete my previous post if this is considered as spam).

    The blog is about health & life - shortly. I'm trying to come with tips (as an 18 year old) to live a longer and healthier life. There can also be some discussion about the society & other "deeper" philosophical thoughts.
    Right now I'm writing a "30 days of improvement", where I'm writing shorter posts of how you can become a healthier person & how you make improvements in life.

    Besides to the header there is a very powerful motto that has to do with the blog: "How do you want to be remembered when life has passed you by?" - I have this because this is almost exactly the "goal" of the blog, I'm sure many people want to be remembered as a healthy, happy person who just loved life & it's surroundings. So there are many tips regarding this. Anyway the best way to see what it's about is to look for yourself and make your own decision.

    The link is here, (also when you click my username):

    Thanks for taking time reading this.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just wanted to put a notice that I've written a post about a common problem. Tips to eat slowly. Since the majority of the humanity are eating too fast, eating slowly can promote weight loss and also it's much better to eat slowly for your stomach. Which I strongly recommend reading if you are one of those "fast-eaters".

    Anyway, happy new year guys (I know it's not today :-))

  3. For all of you who loves water, knows that you need to drink water more often, or just curious about water. There is a new post - "Drink More Water". Where I bring up things like benefits of water, and how to make water drinking a new habit.

  4. Eating breakfast is among the most important things we need to do during our day, not to mention that huge amount of people actually skip this meal - there are many reasons behind this. Such as weight loss, not enough time, can't eat when they wake up and so on. The post of the day is about "The Importance of Breakfast". Ideas, solutions and facts. Enjoy!

  5. Chocolate tastes awesome, and it's even healthy! It's even said to be something that can actually prolong a longer & healthier living. Read about it here in the post of the day & if you want to learn some more about it!

  6. Am I the only who got struck by this awesome quote by Dan Buettner?
    It really gave me inspiration and hope for living a longer & healthier life. Enjoy!

  7. Television, the habit that have infected humanity for the last decades have affected our health in a serious way. Not just that it's one of the major factors to obesity and loss of communication with friends, family or love. Television though has some kinds of benefits - though only during a limited time of use.

    Read about it here!

    Thanks, I'd really also want to hear want you think about the blog. Do you think my writing is fun to read? Do you think people will actually read this? I'd love to hear a review!


  8. Reaching my 22nd day of "30 days of improvement". Soon it's over.
    What do you want to read about after that? Regarding longevity, health & such :-).

  9. A simple step to maintain a stronger immune system, involving a daily & simple habit!

  10. cool articles! Unfortunately, however, I'm well on my way to becoming an alcoholic. Any tips to combat an unhealthy drinking binge?

  11. @ahabschmidt
    Yes actually I do. It's hard with strong addictions to drugs (alcohol is a drug). But honestly as I've also mentioned so many times in my blog posts it breaks down into will. Ask yourself Ahab, do you want to become an alcoholic? do you even have the money to spend on all that alcohol without breaking out an economic crisis? What do you think your friends or family will think about it? What's your view on life, do you want to live a long & healthy life or you want to risk your life due to alcohol?
    It's really about grasping your life, be serious about it. Life is beautiful. Don't drink it away - if not that's your choice.
    The reason behind why I'm being a teetotaler is because it's useless drinking alcohol, I don't want to spend money on toxics while there are lots of other good beverages out there. Ask yourself also what you could do instead with the money, traveling is a great example. Start with getting rid of alcohol in your house, replace your alcohol drinking with eating fruits, water. Because I know that replacing such an addiction can lead to weight gain (people don't know what to do so they eat). I can surely come with more tips if you like, but literally - you must have will.

  12. Today I've written about self-confidence. It's a key to live a good & better life. I really recommend reading this, there are so many people today that live without self-confidence. I consider myself as a person with a very strong self-confidence (no I'm not bragging). And honestly I can't come up with anything that can let me down. Enjoy!

    And I'm glad Ahabschmidt that you enjoyed the blog (a guy above in this forum post).

  13. Eating less meat will not only make your life healthier, it will even make your heart better. Read about this here. Saturated fat is major enemy for the increased amount of heart diseases all over the world. And saturated fat is almost everywhere...

  14. Just 4 days left of the "30 days of improvement", the post of the day is about sunlight, the vital factor for producing vitamin D on our skin. You can read lots about it here, enjoy!

  15. We have reached day 27 and I'm now talking about why people should talk more open. Too many people these days are afraid of talking, have a sense of restrain. Or anything else that blocks them for being open to the community. Read about it here!

  16. Walking, it's lovely & easy. And it comes with a ton of benefits.
    I'm now at day 28, soon I'm going to write more about thoughts and other things. Now enjoy the 3 last posts of "30 days of improvements".
    Here is: More Walking.

  17. I'm proud to announce, the benefits of love! Why you should make your relationship work. I've now reached day 29, tomorrow will be the last one regarding the self-improvement.

  18. The last day has come, I hope you enjoyed the 30 days of improvement.
    From now the posts will be random (of course, still regarding the blog subjects).
    There will be lots of posts about things in my mind, about emotions, thoughts and so on. I will post here much less also now, thanks for reading if you did. Have a great day!

  19. After hitting my new record of 41 visits in one single day (for me this is a big record mark), I decided to write about something once again that is very common with us humans. Smoking, read about my opinions to why I think you should not smoke here.

    The post I made yesterday that I believe made me hit the mark was about coffee, read about the truth about coffee here!


  20. 5 Easy things to do to live a longer life, read about it here!

  21. Green tea, the amazing health benefits from green tea. Read about it here!

  22. So the apple & the banana, are both 2 common fruits these days. Maybe you didn't know that eating a banana before bed can improve your sleep?

    Read about these two amazing fruits here!

    The Apple vs. The Banana - Miracles You Maybe Never Ever Heard About!

  23. redmangowriters

    I'm really enjoying your blog posts. Healthy eating and being is very important to me, so much so, I have started my own website. It's a little thin on content at the moment, but it's gonna be pretty cool and explain what's in different types of foods and the health benefits of each one etc.

    Let me know what you think.

  24. I like it redmango :) keep up the work, people should really know that healthy eating is very important in life & the evolution of Earth. Unhealthy eating has become a very common thing in our lives, and too many deaths are happening these days due to this. People should really get inspired in someway, though changing everyone is probably not possible. But keep the work up! :)

  25. Avocados, healthy & fatty. Read about it here!

    Or did you know that you could lose 480 more calories while sleeping? Wanna know how? Then I really recommend to read this, it's very easy & you will be surprised over it. And no, it's not BS. It's even proved with math, take a look at it here if you want to see more.

  26. Did you know that 1 pound of fat/0.4 kilos of fat equals 3500 calories?

    Read more about it here!

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