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  1. Hello there,

    I searched the Internet on a Lookbook widget for WordPress, but it doesn't seem to work. LOOKBOOK.NU is a very well known site that already works with widgets for other hosts, like Blogger. Since I prefer WordPress, it would be awesome if a LOOKBOOK widget became available for users on WordPress. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who wants this... ;) Some figure out to convert it with a plugin called inline javascript. I can't do this, because I can't customize my HTML code or anything. But it is possible! So please WordPress, help us!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please explain in a nutshell exactly what the exact widget you want does?

  3. Hello!

    Of course it would be awesome to have them all, but the one that has the priority is the "Hype Button", this button can be inserted into a post often about a look you wear. With this "Hype Button" you can direct your readers directly to the same look you put on LOOKBOOK where they can hype the outfit if they want too. :) Hope that explains it a bit!

  4. It does and thanks for clarifying.

  5. You can do this with a regular text link and an image of the Hype Button.

  6. That is a possibility, but doesn't create the effect I want. Because when I do that the Hype Button stays for instance on zero, while my look on LOOKBOOK gets over a hundred hypes... The two are linked. You can click on the number for a direct 'hype' or go to the website self and 'hype' there. :)

  7. Sometimes newcomers think Staff will immediately respond to these threads but that's not what we Volunteers observe happening. raincoaster provided a temporary solution as she and I have been here for over 7 years now and we notice how Ideas threads like these linger, linger and linger.

  8. @timethief,
    Thanks for your support, but this is not what I mean, haha. Check for example on for a live preview on how the widget. I know for a fact WordPress don't 'support' this kind of widget, because of the use of Java (?) or something. But I was hoping they could build one around it? :)

  9. With respect I do know what you mean but I'm all in and all done in this thread. Perhaps Staff will note this thread one day and comply with your request. Best wishes for happy blogging.

  10. And again, I hope you understand I wasn't attacking anyone or complaining. I simply tried to clarify what I mean and want. :)

  11. Yes, I understand that and we are cool. Blog on!

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