Looking for a booking widget for my holiday home.

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    Hi. I’m looking for some advice, please, relating to my WordPress site http://www.SummerIslesCroft.com which is on the ‘Stay’ theme.

    We’ve had the site working well for us for 3-4 years as a means of letting our holiday house here in NW Scotland, but the time has come to upgrade it so customers can book the property directly from the site rather than making an email enquiry. I see that WordPress offers a number of accommodation booking widgets which I might be able to use – but I seem to be spoiled for choice!
    I’m seeking an opinion on what would be the most appropriate widget for me to use – most seem to be geared towards hotels and single night stays. The key things are:
    1 There is just one letting unit – a house (not like a multi-room hotel)
    2 The house is let by the week, Friday to Friday, not by the day (1 week minimum stay)
    3 The prices per week varies a number of times throughout the year (not just ‘high season’ and ‘low season’)
    4 Is there a widget that provides payment card services or do the booking widgets need to be integrated with a separate online payment service?
    5 I have an iZettle account for taking payment in another business but it doesn’t currently have an online customer-not-present function. Perhaps I could use this, or maybe Paypal. Any advice on this?

    I’d be grateful for any help with this.

    Thank you


    The blog I need help with is summerislescroft.com.

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