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    Hi there, im looking for website like flikr which allows me to add pictures to an album and add this album to my blogposts. I would like to have it pop upped in full resulation once you clicked on a tumbnail without leaving my blogpage (this is the case in slickrflikr for example).

    Maybe you know some other sites which offer this functionality? Thanks in advance :)


    i meant flickriver btw :)



    Hi Chris, The only available option for picture galleries here on WordPress.com is the native Gallery feature, which you can set up to open images on a separate attachment page. http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/ Also, http://gammagirl.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/not-the-official-wordpresscom-gallery-faq/

    One more possible option is to use a flickr slideshow, which can be opened to full screen from within the slideshow. You need to enable Auto Embed on your Media Settings page and then copy and paste the slideshow link from flickr on its own line in your post or page, making sure the link ends in “/show/” and the link is not highlighted as a link (using the “unlink” button if necessary).

    There is also the CSS style for “thickbox” which is a workaround, but not easy to implement.

    No other options for a picture gallery are presently available.


    i will check it out, thx!



    Hello – I tried to embed a flikr slideshow using the instructions above i.e. auto embed enabled, link o slideshow on its on line on my home page, ends in /show/ and is not highlighted. I am using Modularity Lite theme. There’s now only a black box on the home page where the slideshow should be and I sometimes see the next slide arrow briefly show up. Can anyone help me out here?
    my url is kimmilanart.wordpress.com



    @kimmilan-have you since removed it from your blog? Please post here the exact URL for the slideshow on flickr and I’ll give it a try on my test blog.

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