looking for a single column theme with drop down navs

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    I am new to wordpress and blogs and for the past few days now I have been scouring the web looking for customizable wordpress templates that have 2 main features.

    1. A single column (i want to include large images in my blog)
    2. drop down menus for navigating to archives, categories etc.

    I like the clean look of a blog without any sidebars.

    I will need to be able to customize the width, colors etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas/recommendations for such a theme?




    You may want to read the FAq sticky here at the head of the forums. You’ll note that we are unable to add in our own themes here at wp.com due to security concerns.

    You may want to take a gander at http://themes.wordpress.net if you want to see if you see any that you can suggest to staff though.

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