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    I am looking for a theme or script that will allow me to have a Headline or ‘update’ post on the main page while only having links to the other previous posts. I know there is an option for a static page but it forces me to choose another page besides my recent posts. Is there a way to combine them so I have a link to all my posts while sharing the most recent? I’m not liking the infinity scroll down while the number of posts get longer and longer.



    We cannot use JavaScript for security reasons so b e aware of that. The only theme we can use are found here http://theme.wordpress.com/ Click the Find a theme button to open the theme feature filters. I don’t know of any theme that does what you want to do.



    Bushwick is one theme that displays only the latest posts, with links to the rest of your recent posts:


    Perhaps it would do the trick?


    Ok, I’ll look at it. I saw someone do something with sunspot, but I think it’s just pages. Thanks

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