looking for a way to modify category pages

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    I use wordpress 2.8 (Will not upgrade because several scripts will only run on this particular version and most people won’t help with upgrading the plugins without charging even though I make no money and work day and night for free).

    I am needing help with making the category posts like like this instead of showing the show post cascading I like for all searches and category pages to look like this

    Category 1:

    My example article 1

    Description: This article means so and so 12343567

    My example article 2:

    Description: wskewiejkierjfjkekkekekekkrke

    and the titles are the links that goto the posts. That way this prevents googles double content penalty and it looks more presentable and professional. I saw several wordpress blog hosters turn their categories into categories with shortened titles and listing limited words but not showing each page of that category. See what I am getting at:

    like this example:

    http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/1347/examplecat.jpg please keep this link as it explains better then I could ever show in words of what I am wanting to do to modify the blog theme or use a plugin that does this type of thing.

    Also this next help request is separate because I also want to make it where each category page shows a different image so that people will know what category they are in like a logo change or extra image for different categories.

    I hope you can help me with stuff like this.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    I cannot give out my blog address because it will ruin any chances of getting help because it is a political blog with my view points, enough said.

    I will tell you I am using revolution church theme and modified it but haven’t do that to the category pages.

    Allo I want to know is how to convert the category long pages to short links using linked titles and descriptions and not showing all the content from the post.



    You are in te wrong forum. We cannot help you at wordpress.com. We operate on different software.

    Go to the correct forum for self hosting bloggers > http://wordpress.org/support/



    thanks I’ll repost this there. Sorry I posted in wrong area.



    No problem Best wishes. :)

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