Looking for a widget to show media files in sidebar based on tags

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    I’m trying to set up a sidebar widget that displays links to content that is related to the text on the page/post. I have tagged all my pages/posts, and want to display a list of links to outside materials (pdfs, videos, etc.) based on those tags.

    I guess I just want to do a “match” of the tags on the page, and the tag/category of my links and dynamically display that in the sidebar.

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is maas360.wordpress.com.



    The blog linked to your name does not appear to be a WordPress.com blog.
    Please post a full URL to your blog, starting with http before we can help you.



    I made that change, I didn’t realize that was linked to my other site…

    Any suggestions on my question?


    Frankly, I don’t think I understand the question. Could you give specific examples?



    So I want to add pages to my site, and on each page I have tags to identify the subject of the page. What I want, is a sidebar widget that display related content links. So for example, if I had a page about baseball, and I had a links in my blog roll (or in the media library) that had tags that matched baseball, the widget in question would show those links. But, if the user navigated to a page that was about basketball, the dynamic links widget that I’m looking for would display the links that were tagged as basketball.

    Does that help?



    Are you aware that static Pages sit outside of the basic blog structure? They are intended to be used for content that rarely, if every changes. Pages cannot have categories and tags assigned to them. They draw and generate little Google juice and by using static pages rather than posts in a blog you are in essence slaughtering your blog’s ability to achieve a PageRank.
    Posts and static pages are two very different “animals” see> http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-vs-page/



    If you don’t really want a blog, and don’t really care about having other bloggers link to your content, and don’t care about search engine results or PageRank, then you can create a website-like site. Is website-like site what you want or not? Please be clear so we know what you are aiming for and can help you achieve it.



    @fiberlink-it helps, but unfortunately not doable in the manner you are describing. There are no widgets available here that dynamically display blogroll links related to the content, whether in Posts or Pages.



    What about a widget that would allow me to have different links on each page. So I would manually enter the links that would be shown in the sidebar on each page. So in my example, on the baseball page, I would show my baseball links, and so on…


    Not possible: the sidebar and its content are common to all pages of a blog (with the exception of a few themes in which static pages don’t display the sidebar at all, or display links to subpages). If your object is not cluttering each single page with the links, your only options are a) adding links manually in subpages, b) adding them manually in the same page, and splitting the page with the nexpage tag.


    All that, of course, provided you are indeed talking about static pages (those created under Pages > Add New, not Posts > Add New). Timethief alerted you to the differences (including the fact that static pages cannot be tagged).

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