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Looking for an Angel to help with Custom CSS

  1. I am looking for a kind person who will help two Rabbis make a blog or loan us a template. I purchased the custom CSS package, but realized that this was a whole new field of programming that we need to learn.

    Thank you!

    Rabbi Yonah

  2. You can check out the pink sticky threads on here:

    But I don't know anything about it though.

  3. best bet is to post your contact information, and see if someone contacts you.

  4. That and what you need to do with your CSS to change it.

  5. We are looking to make a functional and interesting blog for two rabbi-musicians.

    [email redacted]

    Thank you very much

  6. My advice is:
    (1) specify the name of which theme you wish to see customized;
    (2) list each and every change/adjustment you would like to see made to that theme; and
    (3) post it here so that those with the skills to do this can consider the scope of your request in light of the information you provide.
    IMO remaining two vague voices crying into the shadows will not lead to your to gaining the free work you need as quickly as following my advice will do.;)

  7. just like timethief said .. you should put what do you want in the custom css .. or if you want a wordpress theme converted, put a link to it and wait, maybe someone can help you out ;)

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