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Looking for authors, for a blog magazine

  1. Hello World!

    I am planning to create a magazine type of blog and I am looking for serious authors that would like to contribute to the blog. The magazine will cover a wide range of issues like Money, Sports, Technology, Lifestyle and other stuff. The magazine will look something like, Huffingtonpost. It will only happen once I can gather enough authors, (at least 5 to begin with). If you have a blog of your own or taking up an education in journalism, this would be an excellent opportunity for you. The reason why I made this post here is because, if possible I want the authors of the blog magazine to be familiar with WordPress. Do note that you will not be paid any salary, as this is a volunteer service on your part, this is something you want to do out of passion for writing. If you are an expert on a particular subject, or have knowledge of a specific niche, you are very welcome to be an author for the blog. You need to be at least 18 years old to contribute though. When you write for the blog, you do not need to use your real name, a pen name would do just fine.

    As an author, you do not have to be an expert in the English language, but sufficient enough for your readers to understand your typed articles by proof reading it. This is not a copy and paste project, original content is required. Each article you type must be at least 300 words. As this is a magazine and not a newspaper, you are required to post an article each week instead of having an article posted daily. You can contribute to any topic you like, but its best to take up a department that you enjoy writing about. It could be politics or video games, the choice is yours. If writing is not your forte, and you have a good camera, you can be a photographer for the magazine, uploading your images to the blog weekly. You can also contribute if you are into sketching comics. The blog is still in its planning stages, so I am open to suggestions. On my part as the Administrator of the blog, I will contribute at least 5 articles a week, and be promoting the blog through free and paid avenues. If you have any suggestions or queries, or would like to sign up, just reply to this post or send me an email.

    Thanks :)

    My Pen-name,
    Jack Cox.
    [email address removed]

  2. Hello there,
    You have posted your email address into a public forum in a form where spam bots will be on it like fleas on a dog. Please see here for alternatives >

  3. yikes! thanks for the info.

  4. Is there a general theme to tie the magazine together and what is your target audience?

    I write mostly about English football, but occasionally on other topics like music or politics. I was a political editor for my university paper. I want to expand my readership.

    This is the blog I'm most active with but have a couple of other ones going at the moment

  5. I am interested. I have a degree in English and have done writing for my college newspaper. I also have a blog on I can write about media, psychology or any number of topics. Let me know if you would like me to do some articles for your blog.


  6. I'm very interested but I won't be turning 17 until late June. Is there any chance of being involved in another way until I am old enough to submit articles? I am looking at a career in Journalism and have a passion for travelling. I look to be writing about all the places I am planning to go to in the next year. I have also recently started a personal blog which is just to get me warmed up for 2011 -
    Let me know if there is anything I can contribute!


  7. Hey Jack, Im interested in being a writer for your mag. Im almost 17(be 17 in two months) and Ive already wrote an article for, and got it posted, so I'm no joke. Im pretty freakin serious about my writing, but Im pretty laid back. So if your interested, im all for it man. Hit me up.

  8. Oh, and heres the link for my article if anyone wants to read it.

  9. I meant to say I won't be turning 18 til late June, typo!

  10. How often do you expect people to submit an article? Once a month or more than that? What will be your criteria for accepting or rejecting an article? What would be the rules (the don'ts)

  11. Hi

    I'm 24 years old and I would be really interested in this, I have just started to write but am interested in writing health and beauty articles. If I can be of any help let me know. I am in the UK, don't know if this will make any difference!

  12. Sounds great! If you need someone to write about music, industrial design/technology or review on fashion editorials, I won't disappoint. Contact me if I can mean anything to you.

  13. Hi, I would be interested in this. Have a degree in Journalism and photography although I am a little rusty! Computer-less for the next few weeks so will only be able to log on every now and then for the mo. Let me know what sort of stuff you're looking for.

  14. Hey,I'm 19 and I would be interested in writing for this magazine. I could write on literature(like book reviews etc), or news analysis, politics, or maybe short stories, and poems if those feature on your site as well. Check out this stuff I've written:

    My blog:

    A published article of mine:

  15. Hello Jack Cox,
    I am pretty sure that I can't consider myself a subject matter expert on anything in particular but my passion in life is writing (and if I do say so myself, I excel in the research department and I know a little HTML and CSS). Please feel free to visit my blog in order to sample my writing style:


    If you are interested in having me on your team please visit my contact page and provide me with further details of what you would expect from me and when you would expect it.

    My contact page URL:

    Very Respectfully,
    The Paul Ohana

  16. Doesn't look like the OP ever started that "magazine" at There's only this thread and a couple of comments on a cooking blog under his name.

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