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Looking for Biology/History Blogs

  1. You know, its kind of hard to find obscure blogs on WordPress. I write a blog that's a mix of biology and history and mostly features discussions of weird myths people had about nature. I'd really like to read some other blogs of the same vein, but I just can't find many here. David Hone, Zygoma, and Not Exactly Rocket Science are the closest I can find, but they're all big names.

    Where's my little natural history compatriots at?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. mine's pretty eclectic, an odd mix of history, biology, cultural theory, and literature/art:

    mutual add to blogroll?

  3. Agreed.

  4. there's a pretty tightly-knit community of science bloggers on twitter, many of whom will retweet your links if you make some outreach effort. i know biocreativity (a science-art blog on wordpress) has a couple different lists going that you could check out, as do i (@eukaryography)

  5. Cool. Yeah I noticed you had a number of interesting science blogs on your roll. I'll get check them out. Thanks.

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