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  1. "Urban Whale Explosion" wants to gather a group of young, urban bloggers, living in cities around the world. The idea is that these bloggers write about the same topic so that we can compare what someone thinks living in Tokyo or Oslo. Brazzaville or NYC.
    Want to join? You can contact us via

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Who are you? The description about you/your group is too vague. Are you officially registered somewhere as an organization. Where is your real address?

    I would not give hours of my time and photos to a blog that refused to identify where you are actually geographically situated. Better if you show your faces. Sorry.

    You have to show alot of your own original content before anyone offers up their own blog content.

    Better yet, you show your real life accomplishments and educational background. Are you college, university graduates? High school students in mysterious cyberspace?

  3. @maidiebike

  4. How much do you pay?

  5. Dear maidiebike,

    Sorry if we upset you in any way, kind or form.

    We are just two curious people wondering about how life in a city changes the way people think.

    We are not an organisation. This is not about us, but about a group of young urban bloggers.

    This is not a commercial blog so we don't pay (sorry ardpete, maybe one day we will become rich and be able to share our wealth :D)

  6. Let us know when you provide the link to yourself and all other 30 bloggers on your identities.

  7. why would we?

  8. The thing is, we get threads like this all the time. The original poster generally buggers off within a few weeks, as soon as they realize they can't put ads on a blog, and the blog dies. Thus, we are pre-conditioned to treat you like carpetbaggers.

    As well, everyone here already HAS a blog. So if you're looking for people dying to blog, this is a bad place to find them. You might have better luck in youth-focused forums, etc.

  9. Rather than hunt down innocent, wide-eye youth to waste their energy, time and creativity which is yaaking endlessly away (that's fine too but not forever):

    Hope some youth strike out on their own or behind an organized cause with a clear mandate and lobby govn't, corporations (and blog) and approach such organizations with constructive criticism, action plan and real volunteer work.

  10. As someone who works mobilizing underprivileged youth and training them in digital technology, I couldn't disagree more. The current poverty services industry is the problem, not the solution. I think the blog is a good idea; I just don't think this is a good place to find participants.

  11. Sometimes there are things that restrict creativity...anyway raincoaster, thank you for the tip!
    Do you know by any chance anyone who wants to join? or maybe would you like send us your email? because we have some more ideas about this.

  12. I'm wayyyyy overcommitted at the moment, so I can't help, but I do suggest getting a Facebook page up ASAP and promoting the hell out of it. That's the best way I know of to connect with young people around the world.

  13. @urbanwhaleexplosion
    You can invite your friends to contribute to your blog. I used to blog at blogger for years and invited by a friend here on wordpress. When I had a look at her blog I said WOW! That's why I was agreed to join it for nothing. If it were like your blog then I would never come here on wordpress (sorry to say). First make yourself a big fish, then ask others to join your school.

  14. Thanks again raincoaster!

    Noted and good luck with your projects :D.

  15. @hnsaifi

    Thanks for your feedback :).

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