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Looking for blogs to follow

  1. Hello!

    I've just started blogging and have just realized how many blogs are out there. If you give me the link to your blog then I'll check it out and follow you. :)

    Happy blogging.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi ya, i started blogging recently aswell, i`m quite lost myself on how to follow and how to get peole to follow me,
    i`ll check you out also

    Many thanks ;)

  3. (:

  4. There's no better place to start, so i'm told :)

  5. My blog is new too, you might find it a bit boring though it's about my journey back into work :)
    I'm sorry I couldn't see yours wildnightin because you're inactive.

  6. If you're looking for a photography and literature blog, then you're more than welcome to visit mine.

    La Plume Noire

  7. Interested in energy issues, America politics and philosophy
    Seen in an unvarnished and direct way?

    Like my Blog please:)



  8. You're welcome to visit The Ugly Moose

  9. Moved to Off Topic…

  10. My site is full or legitimate facts and academic critiques. I would never lie to you.

  11. My blog is new too.
    U can follow me on

  12. I write (tasteful) M/M themed romances. Historical and contemporary.

    I can be found Here

  13. Hey! I'm new and only have 4 posts, but more are yet to come! I blog mostly about European and American politics, in the most light heartedly- easy te read way as possible!
    I have so much fun ever since I've discovered this site, checking everyone out, can't wait to discover all your blogs! Thanks for sharing

  14. Hello there,
    I have a blog you may be interested in.
    one cool site: WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials is focused on becoming a better blogger, building a better blog & effective blog promotion. In it you will find 700 posts published for those who are learning to blog or who are aiming to improve their blogging skills.

  15. Hello! Welcome to the blogging world!
    I have a photography website packed with beauty and variety. My latest post is with baby goats: GOAT-O-SHOOT!

  16. Hello and welcome to WordPress!
    If you love reading anywhere near as much as I do, you'll probably enjoy my blog The Mad Reviewer, where I write book reviews on all kinds of books. It's mostly focused on the YA genre, but there are many adult books that teens enjoy as well. I also publish an article somehow related to the YA genre about once a week. My last article (and so far my most viewed) has been one where I dissect the similarities between The Hunger Games and Ancient Rome.

  17. Welcome to my blog: ketoanviet
    Hope you like it.

    phan mem ke toan


    WARNING:It's a kid's blog!! but we have earned
    150+ followers, Second most visited Fantagian blog, Rated 2nd Best Blog, 170,000+ Hits, More than 500 views a day,350+ posts and 4,000+ comments, GiftHulk’s Most achieving referrals and AN INSPIRATION!

    Fantage is a kids site, people who play Fantage are Fantagian

  19. @bethanyrox, to my knowledge, warnings are for adult blogs. :)
    500 views per day is impressive btw...

  20. You can tyr us for a dramatic saga if you like:

  21. Hello There! I have a Christian Blog you may like to check out! → "Daily Aspects The Beginning To A New Outlook And Thought Pattern "


    Seeing things a little differently

  23. Hi I'm not very advanced if that's how you would call it on blogging but if you find my blogs interesting it would be nice for you to check me out and maybe follow. I will check your blogs out as well.

  24. Don't follow my blog. You may not like it.
    It's about stuff.

  25. Agreed.

  26. My blog is new, but my sister and I are working to make it as awesome as possible. I'd love if you dropped in. :)

  27. My blog is as much about raising awareness as it is therapy for myself.

    I warn you though:
    Not light reading

  28. you should follow me too coz i do follow back ü

  29. TheLostHawks

    I packed everything I owned into a truck and took off across the country. I blog about anything that grabs my attention. I'm a little nuts but you can't really tell from the blog. I got family that reads it, after all. Only the PG-13 stuff gets in.

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