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Looking for blogs to read

  1. I like personal blogs and stuff dealing with relationship. Post blogs here. I'll check them out :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've got tons of relationshipy stuff on my blog I swear!

  3. lookitsbray, don't you just mean. "I swear"

  4. What about fiction? My blog is bits and pieces of a story I'm writing.
    Bolt: Tales of a teenage superhero

  5. You Sir are correct! My bad.

  6. LOL @atomicgator for being hilarious

  7. My blogs better then Atomicgator AND lookitsbray....they are obsessed with me=)

  8. I like to read sulz and moonbeammcqueen.

    Great personal blogs!

  9. what if it's a relationship with your apartment? lol
    well I do talk about my fiance and I so if you are bored come on by

  10. Hi everyone! I'm going to try and check out everyone's blog but it may take me a few days... ;-) Please feel free to take a peek at my personal blog...

    Inexplicable VexAzn ♀
    WANTED: A drama-free life of zen for an AmerAsian Daoist!


    It is basically about everything nerdy! But also, about student life, how to's etc.

  12. I blog weekly about all sorts of stuff about my life and my daily happenings. I would like it to be funny; sometimes I think it hits the spot!

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