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Looking for creative writing blogs

  1. universalandparticular

    I love creative writing /short stories and poems/ and creative photography, I am looking for someone with similar

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How to use Google Blog Search -

    I did a Google Blog Search for other creative writing blogs at
    Format for search - creative writing
    Note there is no space following the ^ colon
    Search results -

    I repeated the same Google Blog Search search for Blogger blogs
    Format for search - creative writing
    Search results -

    I repeated the same Google Blog Search for tumblr blogs
    Format for search - creative writing
    Search results -

    Note: You can repeat these searches for Yahoo and for Bing

  3. have a look on the tags page to find related posts :)

    hope this helps

  4. Hi there! I'm someone who's into creative writing. You can check out my blog for proof of that. However, do you have a blog on your account? If so, you should link to it in your name. You can do this by adding it to your profile. It's just a general rule of thumb to have your blog attached to your name. That rule of thumb right there is further reinforced by a bot that alerts you of it.

    But if you're looking for large groups, blog search is the way to go.

  5. universalandparticular,
    my creative activity:
    (poetry & creative photography)

  6. You might want to check out the blog for my literary group (publishers, editors, writers, etc) since I just posted a list of great resource books for writers looking to be more creative:

  7. Universal, I'm also into creative writing and photography. Would love to hear your feedback!

  8. I write satire, does that count?

  9. Dude, you have to check out mine if you want something creative.

    Whether you like science fiction or hate California you'll find this interesting.

  10. thetruanttrain

    Hi I am writing a short story right now set in Victorian London, it is a mystery- maybe you would be interested. I will check everybodies here - I also tried looking up short stories. I am interested in victorian themes, or gothic - however I'm going to try and check out anyone who writes.

  11. Me too, creatively blogging. But you'd need good depth over here to click. Else it'd be pretty confusing.
    I used to write explosive articles for international concerns behind IDs. Hehehe... Some even got widely discussed and featured like some Shakespear works.

    And of course, at WordPress, I just recently got labelled 'Mature' for such writings... Weird. I have protested, and protesting... not too creatively.

  12. I am new here. I've posted a Christmas short story and will add other fiction soon.

  13. universalandparticular, how about a link to your blog?

  14. I have a link to my site on blogspot where I put up a few of my short stories. Just go to my blog, and click on "About Moi" and it should be there under "Writing" :) Let me know what you think.

  15. hi all,
    here are my poetic efforts:

  16. a creative poem...

    and the rest of my blog is, well I dunno how you would really classify it, but go ahead and read...

    Happy Holidays!

  17. I don't really have a blog because I don't update it but I've had people ask me for the creative nonfiction stories I wrote as a freelane writer for a newspaper. I think you can click on my avatar to get to my homepage. I can't click on yours, though?

  18. DAISY! You showed up! I see my dog avatar. I'm so excited!

    okay... I'm not a "freelane" writer. I'm a freelance writer. Big difference. Freelane writers work for free and I don't. :-)

  19. Every Sunday I post my creative writing and ask for a critique. Currently, I am working on a short novel through my blog. Come by every Sunday and help!

  20. I've recently written a short, non-fiction account of an experience that I had when I was younger. I'm a tad bit shy about letting others read it, as I don't know how well it would go over.

  21. My creative writing blog, with fresh advice for writing and building worlds. There are also fun lists and entertaining posts

  22. the link to the blog is:

  23. I write short stories and would love for someone else's opinion and to read other people's work. My blog is

  24. "Underwater New York" is an online anthology of creative writing, art and photography edited by three writers. It's theme specific --the submissions have to be about objects found underwater in New York. The blog actually has a very quirky list of objects including ice cream truck, island growing on a submerged barge, bars of silver, wharf rats and much more!

    UNY also hosts literary events every now and again. Their newest project is a shipwreck story contest with the winner reading the story at the American Museum of Folk Art. The blog platform is

  25. Ah, I miss writing poetry. Will make it happen again in 2010.

  26. My blog focuses on my novel and other areas of my writing life. I'd be interested in networking with other bloggers/writers.

    I installed wordpress on my own site, and I'm pretty new to it so it would be handy to get some hints. :)

  27. Hi! I am a Poet & I write Short Stories. I have been writing for quite
    some time now ( I haven't been recognized ( I've writen many Publishers ).
    my blog:

  28. I have a blog that is a book cut into a serial. It's about Rachel Montgomery. She's a girl who develops the ability to control electronics and electricity, as an element, itself.

  29. unknownwpressuser

    these are really good sites, thanks for posting like these especially;,,


    @carlostn1 Thank you! That means so much!

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