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looking for expert I will pay

  1. michaelblomquist


    email michaelsblomquist @

  2. An expert on what? I'm an expert on three day eventing.

  3. I'm willing to identify your insects, for a reasonable fee.
    I also do a good job editing, either fiction or scientific manuscripts. Less reasonable fee for that, though.

  4. lettershometoyou

    I am an expert at skiing, cycling, pick-up road hockey, scrabble and cribbage. Rates vary.

  5. I am an expert on finding experts. I am not cheap.

  6. From the Big Lebowski.

    "I'm here to fix deine cable, Ich bin expert."

  7. i'm an expert at -censored-. it's top secret. :p

  8. I think moderators should change that email address.

  9. I'm an expert at proof-reading!

    Hey, if you can't advertise! :P

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