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  1. Ok, I *think* I'm finally done with the CSS upgrade on my site. I could use a few more eyes to suggest improvements.

  2. I like it. It's clean and has a bit of splash of color.

  3. That's sharp, engtech. I particularly like the clean sidebar. The slashes in the title (//engtech) are a nice touch that communicates your technical side in an artistic way. I would recommend you downsize the main menu titles in the masthead, though, or build some space around them, or both (home, articles, opinion, blogging, links); they look cramped. Finally, have you considered following through on the "slash" theme, for the menu heads as well? By that I mean:
    /home /articles /opinion /blogging /links . . .

  4. I don't know if it was in response to my recommendation, or because you decided on your own to alter the menu titles, but I've just taken another look at your site and found it much improved.

  5. -nod- @ davidbale. the menu is much better, although the three link colors in your posts(normal/visited/hover)... could be better coordinated. IMHO.

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