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  1. malachiwarrior

    Hi, I'm trying to get more involved in the wordpress community, first time using the forums. I started a blog a few months back which is a collection of poetry that I have written, I started writing a little under a year ago, I would be grateful for feedback / comments from people who aren't my friends so that it is unbiased. It has been described as something between rap and poetry (i'm not a rapper). Would like to know what others think. Also point me towards your own blog if you think we may share an interest or if you simply want others to check it out.

    Thanks everybody

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like your style. Short, verses, but very good at unraveling a story, and at the end they always leave your reader with a life lesson. Bravo....

    Feel free to check my blog out. Thanks...

  3. malachiwarrior

    Thank you for taking the time to read and to leave feedback. I have checked out your blog, what motivated you to start it?

  4. Malachiwarrior:

    Believe it or not, initially my blog was started as an alternative to posting updates on Face Book. I was concerned by my reliance on Face Book for communication and decided to use a blog to communicate with the outside world instead. It slowly start to change, and now I write mostly about my faith and family. I believe God is working through me, for what purpose I don't know yet. I just hope my words have brought comfort to someone. Thanks for asking...

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