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Looking for Funny, Smart Blogs about Life

  1. I'm looking for funny, well-written blogs to follow about life in general. Mine is like that ( and I have found one in London that I love, called "So Long London" by KBee. Hope to find more! Thanks!

  2. Mine is funny yes, smart, not so

  3. mine is funny-so I've been told about life and dating
    perhaps you might like it.

  4. Bray, yours is kind of "racy" for me (not that I'm a prude...just different tastes). Westchester, I like yours...very well-written and real!

    What did you guys think of mine?

    And why the heck isn't my picture showing up!?

  5. christiangrblr

    but only sometimes I post about personal stuff but you can still check it out

    is this the kind of thing you mean or do you like the deeper stuff if then I would recommend:
    lilly suarez (cant find her link right now sorry)

  6. What about fiction? With a touch of humor.

    Bolt: Tales of a teenage superhero

  7. I'm primarily writing about my views on what's in the news at the time but I have just posted about an experience I had just before Christmas. It is long, I warn you now! But it was actually written as a short story rather than quick friendly blog. Anyway thought I may as well put it up in a subcategory on my blog. direct link is below if anyone is interested


  8. I have just started a blog that fits your criteria. All about the adventures of a young lady (I use the term 'lady' very loosely) AKA: me, as I attempt to get my life in order by completing 101 goals in 1001 days.

  9. Do u like fantasy, action, and humor? Then boy do I have the blog for you!

  10. I just started my blog about three days ago or so. It's really just following my daily adventures :P. I hope you'll check it out :).

  11. I started this blog in May and so far is about my failing attempt at a romantic life. :) Hopefully it'll have a happy ending.

  12. kathleenbradley1

    A personal blog following my life as a young graduate, who became a mother in my final year.

  13. Mine is not smart nor about life

  14. If we're going to shill our blogs, I can shilly shally with the best of them.

  15. mine is about life but um it's told in poetry? does that count as smart? oh and my about me section has funny moments.

  16. I started my blog not too long ago, and I'm hoping to get some readership. It's a personal blog about what's going on in my life right now.

    - Alden Snow

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