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Looking for guest reviewers

  1. I've set up a project on my blog to get reviews for the Top 250 Films on IMDB. I feel whilst I will do the majority of the list, some genre films could be reviewed with more passion and expertise than I can offer so I'm looking for help. If you have a favourite film, it's in the Top 250 and you would like to share your thoughts and passion for this film I would love to have your review as part of my project. Obviously your review would be linked back and hopefully increase your traffic :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How much do you pay?

  3. Maybe I should of been clearer, I apologise. Not looking to pay, I just hoped that somewhere out there someone may offer a review of an old classic movie for example to be added to my list. That review gets posted on both our sites and hopefully increases visitors for both sites. All about networking doing a blog, trying to reach a wider audience so the more ways to get people reading the better surely?

  4. Hi, I'm a massive fan of The Dark Knight and Fight Club so would love to review them for you :)

    I could also do negative reviews for quite a few on there!

  5. messymusings05

    Your site looks great. Some of my favorite movies are on that list. When I get time, I will do a review for you:)

  6. Strugglingactivist - those films are taken sorry but your more than welcome to pick something else. Check by the site or send me an email and I'll forward you a list of whats not been allocated. Thanks for the offer, appreciate it and hopefully speak to you soon - [email redacted]

    Messymusings - thanks very much for the kind words, appreciate it! As above, drop me an email if you like and I'll let you know what is up for review. No rush, and very grateful for the offer :)

  7. How is the IMDB list a legitimate one? They've got Troll 2 way at the bottom.

  8. How is the IMDB list a legitimate one? They've got Troll 2 way at the bottom.

    Haha, you know this is one of them times when I'm hoping someone is being sarcastic :) It's legitimate because its voted for by movie watchers, of which the IMDB has the most in the world, therefore the list is deemed to be most accurate. Hence why Troll 2 is nowhere near the Top 250.

  9. @tysoncarter - a couple of suggestions. To save disappointing any prospective reviewers, how about putting up a separate page which crosses off the films that already have reviews or upcoming reviews? Then people can see at a glance what needs reviewing and what doesn't. You don't even have to put a page in the menu, you could just link to it from the bottom of your first post.

    Secondly, it's really not wise to put your email address in a public blog, you'll get huge amounts of spam and possibly worse. You can put a contact form on your blog:

    Apart from that - great idea! :)

  10. @absurdoldbird - appreciate the suggestions, duly noted and email address has been removed, thank you for that. As for the list idea, as there is already the list of the 250 posted I didn't want to overload people with too many lists. I just hoped people would get in touch if they had a favourite niche/genre and take it from there. Working well so far, got some great people helping out. Will take a look at implementing a contact form, so thanks again for your tips :)

  11. You're welcome.

  12. May I also suggest a change of theme. It's not the greatest theme to show off all the reviews.

    You also need to think about categorising. Movie genres is probably the best way to go.

  13. @noirciplume - thanks for your input, not really interested in changing the style or theme tbh, pretty happy with how I have it set up. Categories are all set up just how I like it.

    I have had some great offers from people now so if anyone could tell me how to close this thread that would be great :)

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