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Looking for guest writers

  1. Yes I'm looking for guest writers on my blog. Strictly about PC games only. Please check out this post :

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not me. l'm still trying to master Roller Coaster Tycoon....the first one.

  3. Morgan,

    Try Capitalism II instead. I am beginning to be tired of Sims related economic games. So easy to win...

    I am a gamer myself, but I have interest only certain types of games. So what exactly do you need?


  4. Scope, I need everything. Lol.

  5. How much do you pay?

  6. Obviously, he is looking for volunteers.

  7. I just like to get relevant details before clicking links. Most of the offers I see are for paid work.

  8. Unfortunately I do not pay :(. However, if I'm pleased with your work I'll keep giving you more access to my blog.

  9. Lack of gamers :(

  10. Bump.

  11. Last chance!

  12. I don't have everything. LOL~

    I am a gamer. I just wrote my findings on Sim3 recently, in Chinese. I know there are plenty of gamers in WordPress. I have come across many such bloggers, but they may not know of this forum.

  13. There are a few, yes, I'm referring to PC games. They are mostly just too insignificant because the author doesn't consistently concentrate on the matter or they just don't write that much often. We lack a true community branch here at wordpress :(

  14. Well I'm working on a gaming site right now that will incorporate a ton of gamer's perspctive, and so I'm definitely gonna link my blog to yours, because I think we're after the same goal, and since I'm stagnating on the site build, I think it would help to make sure people are connected. Plus check out my blog since it's covering a bit of hit or misses with it right now.

  15. You'd have to just hunt around, or wait for us to migrate to your neighborhood. LOL~

  16. What I'm trying to do is to get different gamers that can cover different areas of gaming. That way, we can attract more readers and possibly build a foundation for a community here.

  17. I've sent some emails and still no reply :(

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