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Looking for help on a color scheme!


    That is the rough outline of my blog right now. It will be a sports blog focusing on the NHL team the San Jose Sharks, along with the NHL in general.

    Here is the basic color scheme the team uses. Most the images appear much more green and dark than they really are in real life. Think teal, black, orange trim, sometimes a lighter bluer teal for some specialty hats. That's the basic color scheme. Since the animal the team is named after is a Shark, colors of the ocean, or real life sharks, are also possibilities. With the name of my blog being Shark Circle, my header sort of uses a hockey puck as a yin yang with a Shark fin in the middle, and it can sort of be read as, I'm covering the Sharks full circle, or if there's a circle of life, my blog is the circle of the Sharks the team, sort of covering all angles. But you can also take it to sort of circle of life, maybe use that in a color scheme (just thinking out loud here to help others help me). Other colors, ice is whitish grey on TV, but it would be hard to reproduce the color of ice on a computer while differentiating it from just white. Sticks can be any color so not much help there. Pucks are black same as the Sharks alternate jerseys.

    Maybe most important here, I'm not sure if it's just my screen, or if this is true in general, but I find white (or almost white) text written on a darker, like brown background, is easier to read than dark text on a light background. Which is sort of a problem for a light teal ocean type color scheme. Maybe the outer background light teal ocean, then the text area darker teal (if it's even possible to create a reading-friendly-on-the-eyes dark teal color in the same was a brown)?

    For instance I find this very easy on the eyes and easy to read.

    He is using a dark brown background and seems like silver white text. What font do you think he is using by the way? Very easy to read. Also, if I wanted to use colors of the Sharks jerseys, is there a way to copy a color from an image? Like you can never get it perfect or close to perfect messing around with the color wheel trying to imitate a color from a picture. The only way to do it is if there's some way to just snatch it off the picture and have the color code automatically identify that color and give you the code. Is there a way to do this?

    Thanks for your help. Also please let me know if there is an easier way to experiment with different color schemes that adding in a new color code in CSS for each color every time, then previewing it, then realizing one color needs to be darker, and the other lighter, and going to the color wheel to make it darker, and then copying the code, and putting it into CSS, and then previewing again, trying out one different variation on each color every two minutes, and not getting anywhere for hours. Is there a better way?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Found it. I was going to google cache search it in case it got deleted, because i didnt save my text, but then to my surprise it showed up on google even though I couldnt find it on the forums. And here it is. Turns out I forgot to include the link to team's color scheme (which I referred to as the pictures look darker and greener than they really are, save for the lighter blue hates which are lighter and bluer than the normal color scheme, but which are still cool and useable the way they are).

    Here's the link, null

  3. @puckcircle
    I think you would benefit from paying a codepoet to help you achieve what you want on a install. Code Poet is a directory of WordPress professionals, web designers, and developers brought to you by Automattic, the company behind Here's the link >

  4. What do you mean? Don't tell me can't do colors now...

  5. I meant exactly what I said.

  6. You didn't explain anything. Why would suit my color scheme better than If you meant for the other theme stuff, I already figured most of that out.

  7. What she means is, you're asking for levels of support that are well beyond that which volunteers generally provide. Look at this thread: how much input have you gotten for free?

    The assistance you're looking for typically starts at $65 an hour and goes up. WAY up.

  8. This is a color scheme thread. I don't know if you are referring to other threads asking for too much help but voicing that hear, or if you're just referring to this. If it's just this, I'm just asking for color scheme help. Do you generally use darker color behind the text and white text, or white background and darker text? Are there colors that generally go well together on webpage in the teal family? People can add whatever they know off the top of their head or whatever they have the time to add, if anything. I don't see how this is any different from any other question, except this isn't even asking anyone to go through code.

    So again I dont understand the attitude. Oh and the question like, can you copy color from an image, that's just a basic question I dont know the answer to. If there's some website that does this all it would take is posting a link to it. Again, that's not anything out of the ordinary, so I don't get it. But if no one feels like helping in the color area, I am working on it myself right now, same as with the p2 theme code. It just takes longer doing it without people who know more helping me out by pointing out shortcuts (which is all I really needed, shortcuts to save me time. I'm still doing all the work, the shortcuts just help me save some time and effort doing that work).

  9. Also someone with a trained eye just clicking this link, and identifying what font they are using, is another example of something I was hoping to receive help with. It's another sort of shortcut, pretty simple and straightforward, not requiring any more effort or time from the helper than any other simple question asked on the forum.

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