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Looking For Like Minded/Themed Bloggers

  1. Hello Everyone!

    Hope youre all well.

    I'm looking for like minded, themed (content wise), Bloggers. I want to network, read, Blogroll you, comment on your Blogs etc.

    In the time I've been Blogging, less than a year, I've come across and built a great network with some great Bloggers and am now looking for more.

    My Blog: is about Life. Love. Politics. Faith. Emotions. Social Issues. Music. Literature. Poetry.

    So if you think I'd like your Blog and ours would fit, please leave a message! :)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think our blogs are alike at all but your posts seem interesting, so i followed you but no pressure to look at my posts and whatnot if its not your thing!

  3. I might fit the social issues aspect if you are interested in human/civil rights.

  4. TearLilly thank you for the follow, I look forward to checking out your Blog! :))

    TeamOyeniyi- I am very passionate about human and civil rights, will be looking at your Blog today!

  5. Hi Zishan
    Your blog is awesome. My blog is not similar to your one though. BTW where are you from?

  6. Thank you Hnsaifi, im from London, UK :) I will have to check your blog out and leave a comment! :)

  7. Wonderfully thought provoking blog, Zuzushafi, and the images are fab. You can find my blog here if you want to take a peek;

    It is gay themed stories so it's not everybody's thing but as Kenny Everette used to say 'Its all in the best possible Taste'. :)

  8. I enjoyed and followed your blog!

  9. I did enjoy reading some of your posts. You have an interesting style.
    My blogs not quite related but I do occasionally write about things that involve politics, human rights and social issues.
    Skeptical Monsters

  10. Thank you all for linking me to your blogs, I look forward to reading them and exploring your thoughts! Thank you for visiting mine, I really appreciate it

    I managed to look at yours Jessielansdel - it was intresting, not my cup of tea but lol at the quote! i like the layout and cohesiveness!

  11. hi, I took a look, I am totally just starting out at all of this- I'm extremely opinionated! great inspiration from your post!

  12. Thank you Skarba! I really appreciated you stopping by! I read your first blog post and liked it, I'm not a driver yet and im not looking forward to it either, lol

  13. I post a lot about life in general at my site,

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