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  1. Good on you for your ability to be ruder! :)))

    Now that I have your attention,
    this is supposed to be a place where we build each other up, NOT tear each other down!
    yet every 5 mins. I am getting an e-mail, with someone else disparaging another!

    We all do how we feel on our blogs, It's OUR blog!
    further more literary majors are taught to use caps to draw attention.

    Yes, I am a novice, and Yes I do use caps,yet I have been told I have a nice site. But that is me, not anyone else.
    So please everyone, be nice to one another.
    Thank you.


  3. Agreed Luna- sorry for any doing on my part.

  4. loverofgreatbooks

    Please feature my blog - I really like your blog btw. :)

  5. mychaoticperfection

    Hi! I am a new blogger and would LOVE a feature! Or just for someone I don't know to read it! That would be pretty cool too! @timethief If you got a chance could you take a look also! I am always open to the knowledge of those more versed than myself

    Thanks so much

  6. You can add my blog to your blogroll. Canadian woman living in Italy. My blog is about traveling, the places I love, the things I see and some poetry. I hope you enjoy.

  7. hei everyone

    I am new here,my first blog eva :) Hello to all of you and I hope with some, I will have the chance to change some ideas :)
    Kris,nice blog,very interesting! I am not sure yet how everything works here but we keep in touch!
    Hugs from Norway

  8. @ashtartheea
    This is a link to tutorial prepared by Staff that's helpful. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:

  9. Thanks timetief :) Im not sure if anyone can actually see my blog because if i clik on my name it sais that the page is deleted...weeeirdd :)

  10. I just started up a political commentary blog... I'm sure it's lame but I tried hard!

  11. bothfeetcynthia

    Check mine out - it's in the VERY beginning stages, but I have a lot of content written to be published and I think you will like it. :)

  12. Check mine out if you want. I write mainly on things I think about. I wouldn't say I have any real trend to what I write about because I like to write what's on my mind.

    I'll have a good one, in my opinion, coming tomorrow! :-)

  13. Anyone is always welcome to my blog - I love plenty of subjects, including tweaking pompous fools. I love your use of caps, too. I laugh like hell at people who obsess over that stuff and things like how long someone has posted here. If you see the word moderator after someone's name, they are someone you should take seriously, but if you just see the word member they have no authority over you, no matter how rude and condescending they are. One of them even spams throughout wordpress by referring people to links to her own blog sometimes without identifying them as such. It's the type of thing she would give one of her pompous lectures to someone about if they did it.
    The best way to deal with her hilariously stuffy posts is to picture her saying the words out loud in the snooty voice of the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons.

  14. I'm new andI I think I'm interesting. Here's a link to my blog:

  15. paradoxicalwisdom

  16. I just started a new blog last week, a 365 photo-a-day project. It could use some exposure, if you would like to link it I would be so happy :')

  17. You can take a look at my quirky blog and add me sometime. I promise I won't bite.

  18. If you promise to respect me in the morning, you can use my blog for whatever you like.

  19. Hey, feel free to check out my blog:

  20. everydayinthegarden

    Hi Kris,

    I'd be delighted to be considered.

    Good luck with your blog =)

  21. Hi Kris,
    I'd love to be considered.Do check out Nuggets of Life : An inspirational Blog with lessons from everyday events of life.
    Happy blogging!

  22. Hey, feel free to check out my blog:

  23. LOVE your blog thejellyfarm. Very, very funny and the page looks wonderful.

    I was so offended that was attacked for using capital letters.

    Get over yourselves.

    There's a polite way of handling that if you are an adult. You can just read it AND NOT THINK OF IT AS SOMEONE IS YELLING AT YOU!

    I'm tired of this forum being so presumptuous and arrogant.

    I hope can see past that better than I can and find some great blogs to add to her blogroll.

  24. I'm new as well. Would love for you to check out my blog. I write comical (at least that's my hope!), non-fiction short stories. Only have two posts, the latest being, "Gator Bait". Thank you!

  25. My blog is Life & Bits. It started being a blog about blogging for novices by a novice. It know include some writing (short stories and poems), music (concert review), food (restaurant reviews), travel (places I visit) and of course How To Advice on Blogging by a Novice. Enjoy it.

  26. malachiwarrior

    I would love to be included on your blogroll, also I would like to do the same for others and help to promote your blogs. My blog is a collection of poetry that I have written, I would describe it as poetry that everybody can enjoy, i.e. people who are not particularly interested in poetry, it has been described as something between hip hop and poetry.

  27. I have found some good blogs here to follow, thanks for starting this thread Kris! :)

    I am new here as well...I had a livejournal for about a thousand years but let it fall by the wayside, I have just recently decided to start a blog for my art - only a few posts at the moment, but if y'all want to check it out it's at

    Cheers! :)

  28. Feel free to check out my blog. Thanks....

  29. amonikabyanyuvva

    Look at me, I'm over here, pleeeeeze. Going to have a look at some of the blogs posted on this now. Cheerio for now.

  30. thoughtsofakind

    I have two blogs that you could add to your blogroll if you wish <- a blog relating to important issues
    and <- Random Thoughts of a Random Mind (I think that says it all :D)

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