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  1. Gas anyone here noticed that the member who posted this thread a month ago has not returned to the thread and has not been adding the sites posted here to the blogroll on that blog?

  2. OOPS! "Gas" was meant to be "Has"

  3. @TiTi That's why these threads don't work, right? Nobody is interested in reading anyone else's blog, only promoting their own. Badly promoting, I guess, since no one bothers to follow up, either.

    BTW, who has a blogroll with 30+ blogs on it? Reciprocity (arguably) makes more sense on Twitter or Facebook, but on a blogroll? Not at all practical.

  4. momfog - not sure about that. I have read quite a few new blogs as a result of the forums. Subscribed to quite a few as well.

    Just my .02

  5. I agree with ginzotech. I love checking out other people's blogs and generally leave a comment or at least a "like". I've made some friends here at wordpress that way, too.

  6. Oh, I know I've made friends, subscribed to and read some interesting blogs, but I was talking about the original intent of getting added to a blogroll. I don't add every single blog I like or read to my blogroll and I don't expect anybody to add mine just because I added theirs or asked them to.

    People who click on the topic "I'm looking for blogs for my blogroll" want their blog added on. It doesn't necessarily follow they are looking for blogs to put on theirs. That's all I meant.

  7. How do you know she hasn't been back to thread? Can she be here and read and not comment? Maybe she didn't find any blogs she didn't want to link.

  8. And also, you might remember how you treated her when she posted here. I don't blame her for not coming back---if she didn't.

  9. you have a good blog, i even left a comment on "To Vote or Not to Vote". Check me out at

  10. ginzotech- definitely with you on that. I recently started going through all the forums and have found some really interesting blogs.

  11. How about an Irish blog? :)

  12. Sinefriel - Is that like an Irish brogue?

  13. @ohgetthis
    Have you visited the blog? I have several times now and the only site that has been added to that blogroll is invisblemikey's site. That may be because he actually clicked in and commented. Perhaps you ought to try that too.

  14. My point was--who cares who she added or didn't?

    I have been to the blog to read it and support. Not to be critical.

  15. I don't require that people add me to their blog roll. The fun of threads like this is that you can get to see what new blogs have been added or you can see that an old one might be covering a topic you are interested in. This thread could have provided a lot of that fun for all of us but a sour note was needlessly injected early on.

  16. sinefriel - to be sure, to be sure!

    /I couldn't help myself!

  17. For anyone who might be interested I'll mention three blogs from people who are way too modest -
    Sara's cat-owner's blog -

    Didi's dog-owner's blog -

    Cathy's poetry blog -

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