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Looking for single column white background theme with custom menu

  1. Hello
    I am trying to find a theme that supports custom menus and has a white background in the main text area. I am hosting a reasonable number of wide images and would like to be able to post them at least 800px wide. That means either no sidebar or a narrow one (both options are fine). If possible, I would like to achieve this without CSS manipulation.

    I am currently using the Enterprise theme and it works nicely except the limit on picture width. I can disable the sidebar for specific pages but cannot make the pics wide than 630px. Would I be able to do this if I purchase the CSS upgrade, disable the sidebar and manually change the image limit to 800px? Or does disabling the sidebar simply make it invisible but keep the central column limited to ~650pix?

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.


  2. Here is a survey of maximum image widths for the themes now available on

    Sorry I don't know about CSS, but I have seen people asking about making the posting area wider with CSS. Perhaps one of CSS experts will see this question.

  3. Also, here's which themes currently support custom menus:

  4. And here's which themes have a no-sidebar option:

  5. As for Enterprise, the no-sidebar width is 920px. To insert images at that width, first go to Settings>Media, set the width for the Large option to 920, save changes. Then select Large instead of Fullsize when inserting images.

  6. That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot Panaghiotisadam and all the other helpful folks. Thanks.


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