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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have created a new site under which takes on some rather substantial topics in current events. Unfortunately, this will mostly apply to current events within the United States, so it is essential that I get responses from U.S. citizens as it may approach topics which affect them. That is not to say I do not welcome ideas, suggestions and some commentary from others outside of the United States. I certainly do.

    During the nineties, in college studies, I took in-depth courses in Sociology, Economics & Politics as a minor, but I continued these studies outside of college simply because they were fields which interested me.

    So now, I have brought all of these studies to bear on something quite interesting: The Socio-Political scheme which operates within the United States today, and what effect it is having on our economy. I have found there is an established and undeniable connection between all three. The best thing to do with all of this knowledge is dig into the heart and truth of these issues.

    The only question, then, is whether or not there are individuals interested enough in our own lives today to look at a broader scope of what is around us and how it will affect our daily living. It is my hope there will be some attracted to

    and read up a little. Feel free to leave whatever comments you may like, whether you believe I'll agree with them or not. This is the purpose of Cranium, after all. Also, I am can be reached by e-mail if you would prefer to have a more private comment or discussion which you might not like to have spread across WordPress. I accept that as perfectly understandable. My e-mail address is:
      [email redacted]

    Good Day to you all.
    CJ Monn.

  2. My apologies that my e-mail link did not appear in my post.
    [email redacted]

  3. again, that did not work. Admittedly, it has been a while since I have worked with HTML. I'll just enter it plainly here: [email redacted].

  4. Sounds like an interesting blog. I have a site at Blogger called "Bothereds Common Sense" where I have written on such subjects as illegal immigration, healthcare, gas prices, taxes, and gay rights. I am always up for learning new things and having healthy respectful discussions and debates. Take care.

  5. Pdykie:

    Thank-you for your kind response to my post. I was beginning to think everyone out there was somehow oblivious and non-responsive to social and political issues Now, I know at least one out of (how many) thousands of people out there are seeking, looking and seeing.

    I, too, have a "healthy" interest in the Sociology issues of illegal immigration, healthcare (which is a subject my next post is about to tackle,) fluctuating market demands on the price per barrel of crude oil and taxation. As far as Gay Rights are concerned, well, that is an extremely strong problem in the United States today which is clearly classified as a Sociology issue. It is also nearly impossible to broach this subject on a neutral platform. I will say that myself and Cranium come from a Fundamental, Conservative background and so now exist this way. Take it for what it's worth, I suppose.

    I am quite interested in having a look at your site since you have invited me to it and also have given me much information about it.

  6. "I'll just enter it plainly here:[email redacted]" Hahahaha.

  7. That was a little uncalled for, I believe. It appears to me that this forum resists having an individual placing their e-mail address on these posts. I was not prepared for that. I did not know. I suppose it is placed on my profile alone.

  8. Lol I didn't know that either, I just thought it was funny that you said "Here is my email address" and then it wasn't there.

  9. Or too many posts of the same topic rather... You know what I mean.

  10. ?

  11. Crying out loud, sorry, meant to post this on your other topic.

  12. ardpete:

    that's okay, I got your point. It would seem that I have caused quite a stir this morning, and all because of my stupidity in not knowing or not reading all of the forum functions and rules. What an embarrassment.

  13. Well then, welcome to WordPress!

  14. Thank-you very much :|

  15. Hah we're all embarrassments, so you'll fit in fine :P

  16. that's a comfort. :)

  17. @cjmonn
    The software here is programmed to redact email addresses for our benefit. This is a public forum indexed by Google and available to all on the internet. Spammers send out email address harvesting bots to crawl the internet and collect email addresses from public forums and blogs and sites. Posting and email address here will always result in redaction and we are happy it does as none of us want to increase the spam load we receive in email.

  18. @@cjmonn
    Here's how to link you username to your blog. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.

    Now every time you sign into the forum we can all click on your username and your blog will be linked to it. And every time you leave a comment on a blog your username can be likewise clicked and your blog can be instantly located.

    Note that there is a complete record of every post that you make to the forum. At the top of forum pages you will see this link Welcome, cjmonn | Log Out Also note that when you mark a forum threads as “favorites” that you will find them listed on the forum profile page too. And everyone in the forum can access your forum profile by simply clicking on “Member” under your username in any forum thread.

  19. @cjmonn
    At the risk of sounding "preachy" please note that that whole block of text you posted in the original post to this forum thread belongs in your blog on an About page. There you can include a brief bio and a blog description that states your purpose for your blog.

    Posting what amounts to "blog fodder" into forum threads like these is not effective. After you publish a post create a brief promotional statement and post it into a thread in the Showcase Forum which is for blog promotion.

    Do not create duplicate threads promoting your posts to both the Showcase Forum and the Off-Topic Forum and do not post more than one thread promoting any both into either of those forums as that would be considered "excessive" promotion.

    Best wishes with your blog. :)

  20. You have loaded me down with a lot of information that may be interpreted highly as criticism and a deterrent to participate in these forums. You almost seem like a moderator. So I made a mistake with the threads, which was also pointed out to me by another member in a rather unfriendly manner. Now I know and will be sure to rectify the matter in future posts, that is if I will.

    and on another matter about the length of my posts, well, I apologize. It is simply in my nature to write detailed material to convey my thoughts and responses. I am doing it again, I know. But, I think it is rather course to deliberately check on all of the posts and responses I make on topics, posts, threads and the like. Perhaps I was misguided in getting myself involved in WordPress to begin with.

  21. I haven't updated this blog lately. I've been busy with a book and ten total blogs. The site is If you go to the site you can see a few of my other blogs listed. I write anything from humor, to social commentary, to healthcare, to thoughts on the meaning of life. I even have a blog in which I distribute what I call, "Promise Cards." I also blog under the Gravatar of "Just Like You."

  22. Sorry; I misspelled the site. It's

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