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Looking for some tips to improve my personal-cum-medical weblog

  1. Hi,

    I am a wordpress fanatic who has just completed 5 months on the circuit. After the initial lull, which followed by a (? pubertal) growth spurt, my blog has hit stagnation (reader wise, that is) again. So I was wondering of the kind souls over here in the forums would like to jog over to my blog, take a look, see what is going on (or not) and help me break out some new readers once again!

    This is my first post on this showcase forum and I hope you all will be kind with your words, because from what I have seen, most of the people here are looooong time bloggers. So come on guys, help out the newbie!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. * forgive the numerous typos: using a different computer and the fingers are not quite attuned to the differences in the keyboard. Sorry!

  3. invisiblemikey

    I took a quick look and read only a few posts, but here's my take:

    You are a devotee of House, M.D. You need to do more of what makes House a great show. More conflict, vulnerability, outrageous behavior, and maybe sex. You are writing like a Taub, but I think you are more of a Wilson.

  4. TAUB? Maaaan. That's hittin' below the belt!!!

  5. Hmm. It's too dry. I'm not sure how to make Denialism sexy, but something has to be done.

    If your intent is to read like a medical journal, you're doing great, but it's going to attract a narrow audience. The content is there, but it needs Style.

  6. Given the amount of dry writing I have to do, it is no wonder that even my blog sounds like the journal pieces I have to churn out.

    To be honest, style is something hard to develop. Right? What do I do now? I guess it'd be safe to say at this point radical changes are well nigh impossible to make. How to stylize stuff otherwise?

    Sorry for being such a buzzkill... :(

  7. invisiblemikey

    You can learn to do this. It's not as hard as what you already learned to become a practitioner. It will help your ability to make patients trust you, so that they will cooperate in treatment. The idea is to write from the guts, the emotion, the heart. Just because you had to learn a certain kind of dissociation in order to dig into flesh doesn't mean you can't talk about the issues you CARE about. Talk about what scared you, and what hurt you in the process of learning. Talk about the hard lessons. Everyone will relate.

  8. Skepticdoctor, I write computer systems user manuals and user requirements documentation. That's even drier than your medical journals - at least you have a bit of blood and other bodily fluids to moisten your professional writing.

    Yet I can write on my blog quite passionately (maybe sometimes a little TOO passionately!).

    As Mikey says, it can be done! You just have to listen to your heart.

  9. So, tell me something: if YOUR doctor had a blog, what would be the 5 things you would like him to write about? my problem is i write like a medical bore, but have hardly any medic reader. that kinda lowers the interest quotient on my blog significantly...

  10. 1. How he deals with patients he knows are lying to his face.
    2. How he feels when a patient is obviously not going to follow his professional advice.
    3. Is he open to the possibility that his professional opinion is wrong.
    4. How he would handle a situation if it was proven he was wrong.
    5. Outlandish patient complaints or appearance. (Not medically relevant, but funny as hell. Probably unethical as hell to share such things, too)

    I had a bad experience with a doctor today. I am not pleased.

  11. Momfog's onto it!

    I'll add some more.

    How do you handle telling a patient you made a mistake (like leaving TWO Merina IUDs in a patient's body, for example).

    How do you ensure you do not succumb to the "God complex"?

    How do you handle differences of medical opinion with your peers?

    Do you regularly review the panel of specialists you refer patients to?

    Watch a few episodes of Private Practice! :)

  12. Last thought: (very soap opera touch) - have you ever wanted to date a patient?

  13. @momfog can't do number 5. But the rest are awesome ideas indeed!

  14. @teamoyeniyi

    Interesting. If i write anything about wanting to date a patient, my registration may get pulled mate! Can't risk that from happening! :P

    Also, private practice/gray's/house are so far off from actual real life medicine, that i'll have to just write fiction if i am going for it!

    but this has given me an idea: i will post a poll/comment form on my blog asking my readers what they wanna read about.


  15. Well, you could just write about how far those programs are from reality! I think that would be interesting!

    And yes, we don't want your licence pulled, so please do avoid anything that remotely risk that happening!

  16. I'll check in and see how it's going. Good luck!

  17. I've learnt there is a whole medicoblogging community out there! Wow!

  18. :-) there is, but it isn't as big as one would have initially thought!

  19. @skepticdoctor I had a horrible experience at a doctor's office recently. I wrote a post about it and would like to know your professional thoughts since you're the only doctor I "know." I would love for you to read it and let me know your opinion about the doctor's dealings with me. Honesty, please. I can take it! :-)

  20. Hi. Try searching the health/illness tags - there are many people who are ill and blog about their experiences - a lot of which covers their issues with doctors - what they would liek done ifferently, what they want to hear about, etc. I do agree with all above that the blog is quite technical and difficult to understand at the moment - if its meant for patients - it needs to be more accessible. Why the name 'skepticdoctor?

  21. Ignore question. I checked on your home page. I think the big decision for you is whether this is a general blog or a niche blog for other medical people. Sometimes, its difficult for the non-medical person to follow the argument as to what you're analysing/sceptical about.

  22. @momfog replied on your blog. sorry if i sound like i am defending your doc. i am just trying to see if there is a way to logically explain this without making the doc look like, you know, an ass...

  23. @ulaysha great suggestions. i think i will subscribe to the health and illness tags, but a 2-3 page survey i just did showed me a lot of tag spam. well, maybe i shall luck onto that one or two other blogger who shares my interests.

    as for the focus of the blog, i know at present it is just too technical. even my personal life posts sound like freaking obituaries. i guess that is just my style of writing and i guess i need to change it, but it ain't gonna happen over night, eh?

    i am just wondering where to go from here. the dichotomy of choosing the focus population is killing me. keep writing a formal med blog that i can flaunt in professional circles as well, or just let my hair down and write a personal journal... sheesh.

  24. No need to apologize. I wanted your honest opinion. I'm willing to give it another go, with the medical documents to back me up. If it's more of the same, I'll find another doctor. Everybody has their bad days, right?

  25. You could always do 2 blogs, and I'm sure you have the extra time, right? :-)

    To niche or not to niche, that is the question.

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