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    Hi all!
    I’m looking for a specific cosmetic plugin or code. I know what I’m looking for I just don’t know the name or keywords to use to find it!

    It’s a small text box / contact form that shows up at the bottom of each page, however as you scroll the closer you get to the bottom of the page the larger it becomes, until it becomes the page it’s self.
    And while it’s in the small stage, if you hover your mouse over it, it expands to show you all the detail.

    I know I’m not that great at explaining in words so I drew a little diagram that might be helpful! What I’m looking for is colored in blue.

    Any help would be fantastic, especially if you know of a plugin (even if it’s pay only)!

    The blog I need help with is human-connection-revolution.org.


    Hmmm, I’m not remembering ever coming across any contact form plugin/widget that did that.

    The best place to ask about that would likely be at https://wordpress.org/support/. It may be that they would know of something like that.

    WordPress.com and WordPress.org are separate, so if you do not already have an account at WordPress.org, you will need to register

    You could also look through the contact form plugins listed at WordPress.org. I took a quick peek and didn’t see anything like that in the first couple of pages.

    If you come up with nothing, you may want to post at jobs.wordpress.net and see if anyone would be interested in building one for you, and what it would cost.



    Thanks for the info!! c:


    Of course, we’re happy to help :)

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