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Looking for teen bloggers

  1. murdermysteryriter

    Hi. I just began a blog Teens Can Write Too
    and I am looking for teen bloggers to read and follow. You may also like my blog if you're a teen blogger, so check it out. Finally, we are hosting a blog chain for Teens Can Write Too, consisting of teen bloggers. We currently have 6 people and if you're interested post here. The theme is "what is the first thing you can remember writing of your own free will?" Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    This is a technical support forum. Please post threads of this nature to the correct forum which is Off-Topic

  3. murdermysteryriter

    Oh I'm sorry. My first time posting here.

  4. Hello again,
    Not to worry at all and welcome to Our Moderators will move this thread to the Off-Topic Forum for you. Here's a link to the learn tutorial which is a step by step one that will be helpful. Best wishes with your blog. :)

  5. I'll move this topic to the Off Topic forum and we'll hope that you will get some response there.

    There is also the Showcase forum where you can post summaries of you posts to bring them to the attention to other users.

  6. I sure am interested. Though I don't go in for the whole group orgy thing. Is that OK?

  7. Is 21 too old to post? I fully support teenagers and young adults using writing as a way to express themselves; anything that makes people get creative is great, in my book.

  8. hi. i'm a teen. and i blog.
    so i guess i'm a teen blogger! lol.

  9. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    Hey, I'm a teen blogger too.

    I have a suggestion for your site. Please cut back on the amount of flashing GIFs and other multimedia; it made the site slow when loading.

  10. I am a uni student so....yeah...bye

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