Looking to a drop down menu to side widget area, please Help!

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    If you look at my blog I want to had a menu to the widget area for some product reviews. Basically I have some posts I wrote reviewing baby products and would like to showcase them. Do I have to post them in my regular blog roll or can I just publish them straight to the side menu area?
    Basically, I have some people that read my blog that could care less about the baby products so I would like to give them the option on clicking on the reviews. I can’t figure out how I can do this at all.
    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is kelleyroberts.wordpress.com.


    There are a couple of options I can think of.

    1. Use a links widget and create a separate link category for your products, and then add links to those reviews and assign them to that link category. Put a link widget into the sidebar and set it to show only the links from that particular category.


    2. Create a custom menu for only the reviews and then use the custom menu widget in the sidebar and only include the posts or pages where the reviews are.


    The custom menu and menu widget would give you a lot more flexibility. You can’t have dropdowns on the custom menu widget, but you can have them hierarchically organized.

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