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Looking to add to my blog roll!

  1. theadventureofmotherhood

    I just started my blog and am looking to add some blogs to my blog roll!! I'll take a look at your blog and if i like it i will add it!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad...then take a look at my blog. I review apps for the 'idevices' in an attempt to help people to populate their device with the best applications. I also have a support page- providing simple support for new users and a potted history of the appstore.

  3. @theadventureofmotherhood
    Hi there and welcome to The number of people who post to these forums is only a teeny weeny itsy bitsy number of the millions of bloggers.

    Please click these and see that you will find other blogs in the same niche as your own blog on "motherhood", and "parenting" on the global tag pages. You can simply replace "motherhood" and "parenting" with other appropriate words in the URL and find even more related blogs.

  4. In addition you can use Google search.
    Example search string > motherhood
    Search results >

    In other words, posting here will not bring much in the way of results in terms of locating related blogs, but searching will produce relevant results instantly.

  5. I would love to be included in your Blogroll. Feel free to stop by:

  6. I just started one, feel free to look.

  7. monikathornton

    I'm just returning back to mine, you're more than welcome to have a nosey :)))

  8. I'd appreciate being added! :)

  9. Feel Free To Include

    a new blog that I started that will count to a slightly nicer... world. Posting about life and so on... great for everyone. -counting to a Slightly Nicer... world.

  10. cristinmcgrath


    I'm a recent College Grad and I blog about the everyday struggles and crossroads for recent graduates!

  11. theadventureofmotherhood

    I really enjoyed all of your blogs!!!!! I added all of you. Feel free to add me to yours!

  12. I have a grandson...and a blog too, but, you will find that, unless you strike blogship up with others who really enjoy reading your stuff, and commenting from the well, as reciprocation from you...then your blog roll will quickly have to be timethief said...go out there and find what you like, and tell them'll know who they are when you read them, and vice versa.. once you develop a relationship with someone who really wants to share, and be a part of your blog, and you of'll forget about the traffic, all the while while it accumulates.

  13. Sense here from Oddball Magazine Online, check us out. I link poetry with video blogs. The newest post is from His House. I just finished reading what sonsofthunder wrote, and it is so incredibly true. most of my readers are my friends, and we all really care about each other and each others blog, wow, by the way i didnt know forums existed on wordpress, and i am 64 posts deep.

    sonsofthunder i think you might like my blog.

  14. just started ive had some pretty posifive feedback so far i post once a day twice on fridays!

  15. I post every week, normally a slightly comic rambling about the world. Take a peek -

  16. I post randomly....check it out if you want to read about a geeky chick's life. XD

  17. I post every few days. I'm a writer. My site is mainly poetry.

  18. morbidauthoress

    I blog about a lot of things, but my main topic is books. Check it out at:

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